Twitch streamer Quin69 loses it while playing League of Legends, smashes his keyboard to bits

This popular Twitch streamer unleashed his fury while live playing League of Legends (Image via Twitch)
This popular Twitch streamer unleashed his fury while live playing League of Legends (Image via Twitch)

During his recent livestream that featured a League of Legends match, Twitch creator Quin69 exploded into a fit of anger as a comment drove him mad regarding his skills in the game. Securing creeps or farming in a League of Legends match is essential to building enough gold to stay up to speed and get ahead of the enemy summoners.

However, as he was idly farming while playing in the top lane, his patience melted and withered from the taunt he received. Riot's MMO game can be a little frustrating at times, but the streamer takes it to a new level.

Quin69 curses at commenters on his League of Legends stream

Playing Sion in the top lane near the middle portion of a standard League match, Quin69 fell behind in his creep score and generally wasn't doing too well, to begin with.

After a moment, one of his viewers sent this taunt his way:

"It is seriously embarrassing watching you miss creeps when there isn't an enemy around."

A visibly enraged Quin69 then proceeded to scream at the top of his lungs, slamming his headphones into his keyboard, sending pieces of it scattering across his desk, and cursing while jumping up and down.

Many gamers have seen the bitter end of a losing spree in League of Legends, but Quin69 put on a show in front of his viewers with multiple cameras active to capture the outburst.

He screamed, arms in the air, towards his viewers:

"F***ing permaban them!"

The streamer seems to have a history with League of Legends and raging out, so some of his viewers are saying his most recent moment of anger isn't surprising. His behavior also seems to be attracting more viewers who are there to simply taunt him through their comments.

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This Twitch streamer revealed his anger even further than most thought, destroying pieces of his crucial equipment for content creation in the process. Even while in front of his viewers, he couldn't control his frustration to any extent.

Fans react to the clip

From "Praise the Cameraman" to "Top Lane gets another victim" to "Father of 3, btw," fans had a lot to say about the streamer's antics.

Some fans went on to share their experience of watching Quin, reminding everyone about the streamer's rage mode.

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