'Quit defending this racist, ableist white man': The internet wants Minecraft star 'Dream' canceled

Dream is facing the ire of the intenet yet again (Image via TommyOutit, YouTube)
Dream is facing the ire of the intenet yet again (Image via TommyOutit, YouTube)
Amitesh Dhar

The internet wants to cancel Minecraft star Clay "Dream" yet again. This time, they have levied allegations that Dream is racist and an ableist white man, causing him to trend for all the wrong reasons yet again.

The individual responsible for bringing forward these allegations posted a few screenshots of Dream responding to previous instances of drama that he's faced on Twitter.

This entire fiasco has drawn many comments from both sides of the spectrum, i.e., Dream fans and Dream haters.

Does the internet really think Minecraft star Dream is racist and ableist?

The individual on Twitter, @Sadistlullaby, dug up a few old screenshots of Dream and posted them on the platform, accusing him of being racist and a few other things.

All these instances date back to when Dream was involved in drama for either using the r-slur or using a Native American war cry as a background theme in one of his Minecraft videos.

In one of the screenshots, the user hints at Dream being a pedophile as well. All this because the Minecraft star had messaged players on Hypixel asking if they were girls.

Later on, Dream clarified his stance in a tweet, which other users brought up in an attempt to defend their beloved YouTuber.

The Minecraft community, along with other people on the internet, have pointed out that Dream has time and again apologized for his previous remarks. In one tweet, the streamer mentioned that his opinions about the r-slur were uneducated and mostly based on defending his friend.

The internet believes that there's not much Dream can do at this point because he's already apologized for his mistakes. The 23-year-old also said that he's learned from his mistakes and is now educated.

Netizens also believe that Dream using the Native American war cry in his video was completely okay because he took it from Spongebob.

Another individual rectified the original poster by saying that if Dream's apology didn't matter, then why bring this up in the first place? According to the person, the Minecraft YouTube community has held him accountable for his flaws, and they've also managed to educate him.

They also mentioned that if these posts were meant to spread awareness, they missed their mark. Not adding Dream's apologies to the post just caused drama and didn't provide people with the complete picture.

The individual concluded by saying that if anyone's still uncomfortable after Dream's apology, their feeling was 100% valid.

Dream fans have also gone the distance and allegedly uncovered evidence pointing towards people fabricating material in an attempt to cancel him.

Despite the numerous allegations that the Florida native has faced over all these tweets, his fans from the Minecraft community still stand by him and support him.

And given the popularity he's garnered over time, the war of words between his supporters and haters will continue for a good while.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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