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Revisiting the hilarious moment when 'Carl' from 'Up' was found 'simping' for Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine and the
Belle Delphine and the 'Simp' curse
Modified 15 Oct 2020, 23:17 IST

Belle Delphine is one of the most controversial e-girls on the internet today, and is known for her racy content and rather 'colourful' history.

The 20-year old internet personality was born in South Africa, and has been in the limelight due to her cosplay modelling, where she caters to a risque persona. Her online persona seems to feed off the stereotypical 'kawaii' girl, who on one hand appears overly innocent, yet on the other, is deceptively controversial.

Over the course of her streaming career, she has also released various controversial products, notably that of the notorious 'GamerGirl bath water' which believe it or not, actually started trending online. This is because a large section of her fans are referred to as simps, because of their overwhelming need for attention.

Simp is a derogatory term often used to refer to men who tend to go overboard in their attempts to please a girl, in return for some kind of romantic attention.

In fact, Belle Delphine has slowly come to be known as one of the queen bees when it come to simps, who are often the source of ridicule, due to their outlandish mannerisms.

The Belle Delphine Simp tag has become a recurrent gag over the past few months and is often used as a means of parody to poke fun at genuine simps. Belle Delphine's 'aura' is often deemed intoxicating, so much so that recently, we also had Carl Fredricksen from Pixar's Up, simping over Belle Delphine!

Carl is shown to simp for Belle Delphine- with a twist


In a YouTube video which has so far garnered almost 400K views, Carl can be seen simping for Belle Delphine in his cute little flying house, which has become an iconic emblem in cinema over the years.

Over the course of the short 30 second clip, we get to witness Carl sitting in an armchair, at ease and dreaming - of Belle Delphine.

With the use of clever editing, the YouTuber imposes Belle Delphine's face next to Carl's in their wedding photo and then cuts to reveal a comical twist.

In a hilarious plot twist, Carl is shown to be watching a video of Belle Delphine selling pink GamerGirl condoms, which she ends up making a balloon out of.

This makes Carl smile, as the clip cuts to a shot of his flying house - replete with tons of pink balloons.

Go figure.

Published 15 Oct 2020, 23:17 IST
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