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Riot Games registers trademarks for “L” and “VVV,” hinting at new Valorant game mode and early fighting game release

Players can expect quite a few additions from Riot (Image via Riot Games)
Players can expect quite a few additions from Riot (Image via Riot Games)
Modified 29 Dec 2020, 09:30 IST

For its 10th anniversary, Riot Games had announced a list full of IPs that it would be launching to celebrate the occasion.

With Legend of Runeterra, Wild Rift, and Valorant finally going live in 2020, fans are now looking towards the release of the Ruined King RPG, an MMORPG, and the highly-anticipated fighting game, still called “Project L.”

Project L was first announced on October 15th, 2019, when Riot Games showed a short snippet of the fighter, but there has not been much news on it since.

However, recent trademark registrations on the developer’s part might hint at the possibility of Project L getting its very first name release and access in the coming months.

Riot registers trademarks for “L” and “VVV”

In a recent Reddit post, prominent YouTuber TheLolHounds shed some light on the fact that Riot Game’s recent trademark registrations can be a big hint on a new Valorant game mode and the early release of Project L.


 TheLolHounds suggested

“VVVV seems likely related to Valorant. I’m not sure if anything has been confirmed, but maybe merch/clothing line? Not sure. However, “L” seems to be a new application/game. With not much news around for a new game, Project L, the League of Legends fighting game would be the first guess. It could maybe be a new League of Legends client game mode similar to TFT. Or perhaps another Tabletop game yet to be announced?”
“Project L seems the most likely, however, and may be coming sooner rather than later. The L Logo is an L with a Lighting bolt through it, similar to Rising Thunder’s Logo.”

What is known about Riot’s Project L so far?

Riot Games’s fighting game, still called Project L, is being designed by the co-founder of EVO, Tom Cannon.

Image via Ars Technica
Image via Ars Technica

From the first reveal video itself, we could see that the game would be a 2.5D fighter, much like Street Fighter 5 and Dragon Ball FighterZ. The specialty of 2.5 D fighting games lies in the fact that even though they have 3D graphics, they play out in a classic 2D way, from which the entire genre takes its roots.

Moreover, Project L will have a standard 90-second match timer, along with combo indicators on the side, which shows how many hits are landing on the opponent. 

Keeping with the 2D tradition, Supers and EX-attacks will also be available, as Riot Games’s Project L will be coming with unique champion meters. Though none of the special moves have been shown yet, fans can assume that Darius might be getting his signature “dunk” in this as well, as he got in Teamfight Tactics.

Will Riot Games’ Project L use the GGPO netcode?

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

The Good Game Peace Out netcode, also known as the GGPO, might just be something Riot Games’s Project L comes with.


The middleware was designed by Tony Cannon (Tom’s brother) in 2015, and it was developed to help gamers have a lag-free online experience when queuing up for multiplayer.

So it’s quite likely that Project L might be using the Project L netcode to provide fans with the best gameplay experience.

League of Legends champions in Project L so far

Riot Games’s Project L will be based on its MOBA, League of Legends. Though it isn’t clear how much of the roster will be implemented in the game, fans already got a good look at four of them.

Ahri, Darius, Katarina, and Jinx were shown off during the reveal, and what was interesting about the short snippet was that champions like Ahri and Jinx used projectiles to fight.

Hence, if the devs remain true to League of Legends, fans can see numerous combat styles come into play once Project L officially goes live.

Project L release date

There has not been any confirmation of when Project L will be getting its launch, but Riot Games investing in the trademark “L” might be a definite hint of the game getting its Alpha launch very soon.

Screengrab via
Screengrab via

Tom Cannon had previously stated that the game’s development phase indeed has a long way to go. Even after the alpha launch, it will take more months to playtest the game and come up with a stable beta version. 

However, fans can expect a teaser from Riot Games early in 2021. 

Tom Cannon had previously stated in a developers interview: 

“What, I think, League of Legends players expect from this game is different, but in some ways harmonious with what I think fighting game players expect from this game. Everyone wants a great game, but what we’ve been seeing is that people are really excited to see Runeterra Champions in a new light.”

Riot Games’ Project L is gearing up to be an incredible fighting game that will allow League of Legends fans to play their favorite champions in an entirely different way.

Published 28 Dec 2020, 15:38 IST
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