Roblox Vehicle Tycoon codes (August 2021)

Image via Roblox Corporation
Image via Roblox Corporation
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Roblox Vehicle Tycoon is a game about collecting cars, upgrading them, and driving fast.

There are over 40 different cars in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon. These range from absolute pieces of junk to some of the fastest, most beautiful vehicles you can imagine.


If you are looking to get into the vehicle collection action of the game, knowing some promo codes will help. Promo codes give you rewards and bonuses simply for just entering them.

Codes for Vehicle Tycoon in Roblox (August 2021)

Image via Roblox Corporation
Image via Roblox Corporation

First things first, you will want to know how to redeem the codes in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon. Load into the game and locate the Add Code text on the left side of your screen.

Click on that, and it will open a text box. Copy and paste the code you want to use into the text box and click on the plus sign next to it. Once that is done, you will receive the rewards.

Stay tuned for updates on codes for Roblox Vehicle Tycoon as it increases in popularity and the months go on. Expired codes can always make a comeback as there are currently no active codes.

Here are all of the codes that are inactive but could become active again at some point in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon:

  • CHRISTMAS: Redeem this code for $15,000
  • HAPPY: Redeem this code for $10,000
  • SNOW: Redeem this code for $10,000
  • YEAR: Redeem this code for $1,500
  • GIFT: Redeem this code for $2,000
  • TURKEY: Redeem this code for $1,500
  • DOUBLE: Redeem this code for $2,500
  • SCHOOL: Redeem this code for $1,250
  • HALLOWEEN: Redeem this code for $2,500

Cash is the currency in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon. Buying cars, food, and drinks and upgrading your already owned vehicles requires cold hard cash. These codes can help out if they return.

Instead of driving around and waiting for cash to pile up, start your Roblox Vehicle Tycoon career with loads of money to spend on some of the best cars in the game.

With the holiday season approaching, do not be surprised if the codes become active once again. It is the perfect time for these themed codes to activate for players to enjoy.

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