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Rockstar Games: 5 greatest franchises by the legendary studio

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:10 IST

GTA is Rockstar
GTA is Rockstar's most famous franchise

The first game by Rockstar I started off with was GTA 2 way back in the day and have played almost every game released by them since.

Rockstar is my favourite studio of all time and I thought this would be a great time to rank all their franchises.

#5 Manhunt

Manhunt: Controversial but a damn good time
Manhunt: Controversial but a damn good time

We start off with one of the most underrated series of games that Rockstar Games has produced, the Manhunt series. Manhunt caused a huge controversy when it came out and was accompanied by a media storm because of the violent content in the game. The second game in the series was even more controversial and was sued by the infamous Jack Thompson.

However, amidst all this controversy, what a lot of people tend to forget is what an enjoyable series Manhunt actually was. Sadly, it's unlikely we'll get another one.

#4 Midnight Club

Midnight Club LA
Midnight Club LA

Next on the list is the Midnight Club series. Rockstar published 4 games in the main-entries of the highly rated series which came out during the sixth and seventh generation of consoles. The series started in the year 2000 with car racing game Midnight Club: Street Racing and ended with my personal favourite entry in the series Midnight Club: Los Angeles in 2008.

Although a fifth entry into the main series was rumoured to be in development, it was cancelled by Rockstar in 2010. This is another series that we may not see another entry in the near future.

#3 Bully


Bully is one of my favourite games of all time and according to rumours, we could be seeing a sequel in the near future. The game came out in 2006 and follows Jimmy Hopkins as he tackles the challenges of life in his new school, Bullworth Academy. The story brilliantly encapsulates a version of life in school with the trademark touch of Rockstar.

Bully can now even be played on mobile phones so if you've never played this game, what are you waiting for?

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