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'Ruined my Fortnite experience': Ninja rages at how overpowered the Stark Robots are

Image Credits: Screen Rant
Image Credits: Screen Rant
Modified 06 Oct 2020, 15:20 IST

Epic Games' Fortnite is currently almost halfway through its Marvel-themed superhero extravaganza, which has so far earned plaudits from both fans and critics alike.

The elaborate crossover features popular superheroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, and Groot, among others, and is replete with a plethora of exciting new challenges, skins and emotes. On the flip side, criticism seems to be directed at the persistent game lag and the fact that numerous glitches and bugs tend to find a way to creep into the game.

One such issue is related to Tony Stark's Robots, which many believe are overpowered, akin to the Marauder menace of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.

This thought was also shared by popular Fortnite pro Tyler Ninja Blevins, who recently blew his top after being mercilessly hounded, and consequently eliminated, by an unforgiving Stark Robot.

Ninja sounds off on how OP the Stark Robots are in Fortnite

The Stark Robots are the new henchmen in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, and can often be spotted patrolling the Quinjet sites as well as Stark Industries.


Modelled on the advanced AI used by Tony Stark, though they are NPC's, they tend to be overpowered, and if you end up crossing paths with them, they can prove to be a major hindrance when it comes to getting a Victory Royale.

Armed with a Stark Industries Energy Rifle, these Henchmen are dead set on eliminating any possible threat, and players must approach their patrol sites with extreme caution.

On account of their relentless approach, Ninja recently ended up falling victim, and he went on to rage about how Epic Games needs to seriously consider nerfing them:

"Why are the Stark Robots better than real players??? Leave me alone man!! I don't need a f*****g AI Robot shooting me through 8 layers of builds to be f*****g immersed in the AI, I don't, I don't need it! That robot could be walking into a wall, and I'm not gonna be looking at that and be like 'wow, that's realistic!'"
"F**k off! There's not a single person that plays Fortnite, I guarantee you, that is like 'Oh man, we gotta take care of those robots guys! They keep killing us, Darn AI'.... NO ONE!"
"They don't stop, that's the worst part... like bro, that thing was on me man, and it never let up the entire time... that bot wanted some Ninja booty, and it got some!"

Ninja seems to be making a valid point with his latest rant on the Stark Robots, which has been shared by several members of the Fortnite community recently.

Published 06 Oct 2020, 15:20 IST
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