All Genshin Impact Fatui characters who are rumored to be playable in upcoming patches

Sandrone could be playable in Fontaine based on some old leaks
Sandrone could be playable in Fontaine based on some old leaks (Image via HoYoverse)

Several Fatui characters have been rumored to be playable in future Genshin Impact patches. The main problem is that these leaks are often vague. More importantly, none of the characters are currently slated for a patch any time soon. Post-Fontaine release is the soonest likely release time based on the rumor mill, with that particular leak merely mentioning a female Fatui Harbinger without being specific.

At the very least, there are a few old leaks tied to the Fatui characters that Travelers might wish to revisit here. This article will include the latest details on these units, although some intel will be a few months old and are incredibly prone to be altered before release.

All current Fatui character leaks for Genshin Impact

This leak from April 12, 2023, states that there will be a female Fatui character who will become playable during one of the Fontaine patches. However, no name is listed, which means players can only guess who it is. Leaker keikakutori9 also stated that they don't think it will be Arlecchino, which will limit the current pool of possible characters to:

  • Columbina
  • Sandrone

There's also another leak from Team China that also states that the upcoming playable Fatui character is unlikely to be Arlecchino.

On the third page of this Reddit post is a translation of plenty of information from Team China. The important part of this article is near the bottom, which hints at Dottore and Arlecchino not being playable any time soon. This leak also mentions how little information there is for content past Genshin Impact 4.3, with some characters being potentially redesigned compared to the initial Fontaine leaks.

To summarize:

  • Possibly being playable in Fontaine: Columbina, Sandrone
  • Rumored not to be playable in Fontaine: Dottore, Arlecchino
  • Unknown: Pierro, Pulcinella, Pantalone, II Capitano

Tartaglia and Wanderer are already playable, while La Signora is dead. No credible leaks currently talk about her coming back to life.

Other old Genshin Impact leaks about the Fatui characters

This section is dedicated to a recap of old, possibly outdated information on the following characters based on various Genshin Impact leaks:

  • Dottore: Ubatcha and BLANK stated that he was a Claymore user back in October 2022.
  • Columbina: May be playable around early 4.0 based on the above tweet, as she is known as Damselette.
  • Sandrone: Has an appearance in Fontaine based on an old leak by SYP in February 2022. The above tweet also references her as Marionette.
  • Pantalone: May be playable around early 4.0 based on the above tweet, as he is known as Regrator.
  • Capitano: Auntie "Touching Fish" Collection said there was a high chance of him being playable, but not any time soon back in March 2022. Nothing relevant since then.
  • Arlecchino: Same as Sandrone in that she appears in Fontaine based on the same leak.

All these leaks came from 2022, meaning several months to a year have passed since then. The leakers involved were mostly credible, so it wouldn't be impossible if some intel could be relevant by the time Fontaine is finally released in Genshin Impact 4.0. As far as recent information goes, it's solely just that a female Fatui character will be playable in one of the upcoming updates.

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