Genshin Impact Natlan leaks: Playable Fatui Harbingers and dead character’s comeback rumors

These leaks could be wrong
These leaks could be wrong (Image via HoYoverse)

Team China has leaked some new information regarding Natlan and Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact. Although their track record can be questionable at times, there is a chance of them being correct this time. Natlan is expected to have a reincarnation plot of some sort. Interestingly, HoYoverse did officially announce the Archon Quest for this region as "Incandescent Ode of Resurrection," but there is no proof of who this resurrection is for.

Moreover, the majority of Fatui Harbingers have been leaked to be playable. As of Genshin Impact 3.6, players can only control Tartaglia and Wanderer. There is currently no complete list showing off all of the playable Fatui Harbingers.

Genshin Impact leaks give hints about Natlan and the Fatui Harbingers

Team China has stated that the information comes from an early stage of development and is subject to change at any given time. What they revealed about Natlan is tied to Mayan culture and reincarnation.

That said, there are no specific details about what aspects of Mayan culture will be reflected in this new region. Most of the Fatui Harbingers being playable is also rather vague.

Some leaks have previously suggested that Arlecchino and Dottore would be playable. Sadly, there is no information on which Version Updates will feature these Fatui Harbingers as playable characters.

Dottore was stated to be a Claymore user back in October 2022, but nothing else has been credibly revealed about his potential kit since then. Arlecchino is speculated to be released sometime in the Fontaine patches.

What has been officially revealed about Natlan thus far?


Natlan isn't currently available to visit in Genshin Impact. The old Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail revealed Archon Quest's name for Natlan around the 2:25 mark. Players see the "Incandescent Ode of Resurrection" name before seeing a little kid named Iansan.

Not much is revealed in this Genshin Impact trailer, with the relevant part being:

"The rules of war are woven in the womb: the victors shall burn bright, while the losers must turn to ash. When the God of War shares this secret with the Traveler, it is because she has her reasons."

The God of War is presumably Murata, the Pyro Archon. Whether this secret has to do with resurrection or not remains to be seen. Fontaine's storyline had yet to be fully known by the time this article was written, but it will supposedly arrive before Natlan.

Could La Signora come back to life?

There are rumors that she could come back, but nothing credible (Image via HoYoverse)
There are rumors that she could come back, but nothing credible (Image via HoYoverse)

La Signora was executed by the Raiden Shogun back in the Inazuma Archon Quest, Duel Before the Throne. Her death has already been confirmed, but rumors of Natlan being centered around resurrection have gotten some Genshin Impact players curious about her fate.

Recent leaks state that most Fatui Harbingers will be playable. However, no credible leaks state that La Signora will return to life. Anything on that topic is merely conjecture and possibly speculation.

Travelers will, unfortunately, have to wait until more information about Natlan's resurrections comes out before jumping to the conclusion about who the dead character could be.