COD Modern Warfare 2 may feature tradeable skins on a marketplace

Modern Warfare 2 may change how fans view Call of Duty forever (Image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 2 may change how fans view Call of Duty forever (Image via Activision)
Brandon Moore

Leaks and rumors keep coming regarding the recently unveiled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The sequel to the game-changing 2019 Modern Warfare had its logo revealed by Infinity Ward via their Twitter account. Since then, rumors galore have come from leakers far and wide.

Leaks have hinted at when a gameplay reveal when an Alpha playtest may occur and at a new mode that may see players given the ability to trade skins and weapons for the first time.


Modern Warfare 2 may have a marketplace for players to trade items

Claims have been made that MW2 will feature a mode known as "DMZ" that is sort of like Call of Duty's version of Escape from Tarkov. That is where this so-called marketplace will be found, according to rumors.

As always, take these rumors as pure speculation. Nothing is official until the developers make an announcement themselves, but feel free to get excited about what may potentially come with the new Call of Duty game.

Modern Warfare II’s third mode ‘DMZ’ will include a marketplace where items can be bought and traded. You are able to earn skins, blueprints and more from ‘DMZ’ that are usable across Multiplayer and eventually Warzone 2.

TheGhostofHope has been a reliable source for Call of Duty leaks. That reliability will remain intact if there is truth to the DMZ mode and its in-game marketplace.

As of now, it seems like this will be a DMZ mode exclusive. Players will probably have to join that mode to trade or buy specific cosmetics and weapons in Modern Warfare 2.

🚨CoD: MW2 News🚨👉 Here's EVERYTHING we know about the 'DMZ' mode coming to #CallofDuty Modern Warfare II.- Similar to Escape from Tarkov- Marketplace to Buy & Trade- Earn Skins, Blueprints & more- 4 Maps in Development- Open-World & Dense MapsVia - @TheGhostOfHope

According to the leak, it seems that skins, weapons, blueprints, and whatever else obtained in the DMZ mode will be usable in the standard multiplayer and Warzone, or its possible sequel if it has launched by that time.

This will bring a brand new system to Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 2 is shaping up to be the most diverse and anticipated COD game in a long time if these persistent rumors are revealed to be official.

Campaign | Multiplayer | DMZ. #ModernWarfareII #callofduty #MWIIDMZ, the third mode, contains a marketplace to buy and trade weaponry.In this mode you’ll be able to earn skins, Blueprints & more. There are 4 maps in development and it is open world.

More information will probably be delivered soon, whether as a leak or as an official announcement, regarding the new MW2 and its DMZ mode. It is an intriguing prospect that Infinity Ward will want to use to garner excitement for the game.

If any of this is real, it will shake up the standard Call of Duty format. The DMZ mode and its apparent marketplace will create a new ecosystem and community within an already established scene.

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