Elden Ring dataminers find new hairstyles, weapon categories, AI entries, and more hinting at rumored DLC

Dataminers found new evidence pointing towards the rumored Elden Ring DLC (Image via FromSoftware)
Dataminers found new evidence pointing towards the rumored Elden Ring DLC (Image via FromSoftware)

Elden Ring's DLC rumors might turn out to be true after all, as dataminers have found traces of more new hairstyles, a fresh set of dungeons, and more in the game's most recent patch that explicitly allude to a potential DLC in the works.

Elden Ring's patch 1.07 was recently deployed, adding multiple balancing-related changes to the game, as well as some necessary performance and stability improvements. In the files of the update, dataminers were quick to spot a few strings of code that were intentionally left unchecked, pointing towards a potential DLC for the game.

Publisher Bandai Namco and developer FromSoftware are yet to disclose any details regarding the existence of a DLC for the open-world souls-like masterpiece. However, that has not stopped fans from speculating and theorizing.

Here is everything dataminers found in Elden Ring patch 1.07 that hint at potential DLC

Earlier this year, when patch 1.07 dropped for Elden Ring, dataminers found strings of new data, which not only relate to new hairstyle options but also hint towards one or more DLCs planned for the game.

Since then, FromSoftware has deployed a server-side update for the title 1.07.1. This one, while correcting the behavior and FP consumption of a few "Ash of War" or weapon skills, sneaked in new strings of code that further strengthened the DLC rumors of the game sparked by update 1.07.

ELDEN RING update 1.07.1 is available now.Full patch notes can be viewed here: apply this patch to continue playing #ELDENRING online.

According to well-known Elden Ring dataminer Sekiro Dubi, there are traces of new hairstyles, weapon categories, NPC entries, and more in the most recent patch for the game. Here is everything that dataminers found in Elden Ring's most recent patch, 1.07:

  • New hairstyle options.
  • Six new (unnamed) weapon categories.
  • New AI goals.
  • New Legacy Dungeon-related map files.
  • New Colosseum map files, suggesting a Gauntlet-type addition to the game, will most probably a be PvP arena.
  • Changes made to the map at most Divine Towers in the base game
  • Approximately 30 vacant boss flags for new DLC bosses.
  • 16 NPC entries in the files called "Someone Yet Unseen."

Hairstyle options are nothing new, as these were already unearthed back when patch 1.07 was first deployed. However, the new unnamed weapon categories, AI goals, Legacy Dungeon map files, and NPC entries are certainly intriguing.

Alright, copium time. In Elden Ring there's a few NPC entries in the files called "Someone Yet Unseen" The IDs look like nothing in particular, unless you take the first 4 digits as an increasing series, and the last 4 as map IDs... then you get what's on the 2nd image 👀

DLC expansions in FromSoftware's Souls games have always been top-notch. This includes Artorias of the Abyss for the original Dark Souls, Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City for Dark Souls 3, and even The Old Hunters expansion for Bloodborne. Needless to say, the quality and quantity of content in the DLCs for these games didn't fail to deliver on fans' expectations.

Many ills have befallen the star-struck land of Limgrave. See to it that you do not become another. #ELDENRING

While neither Bandai Namco nor FromSoftware have confirmed any of the rumors or suggested anything relating to the upcoming DLC for Elden Ring, the information found by dataminers does feel like concrete evidence for the same.

FromSoftware, the very talented development studio behind the phenomenal Dark Souls Trilogy, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring, is known for creating some of the best gaming experiences in the modern AAA landscape. The relentless difficulty, immaculate storytelling, and player freedom are some of the defining aspects of FromSoftware's games.

You are the hope of the Golden Order, Tarnished. Your choices will shape the future of all who dwell in the shadow of the Erdtree.#ELDENRING

Despite the steep difficulty curve and a rather vague storytelling approach, FromSoftware's games from the early days of Demon's Souls have acquired a cult following of sorts that have only expanded over the years with every other new release. Elden Ring is FromSoftware's one of the most successful projects so far. As such, it is very likely that a DLC expansion is already in the works for the title.

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