FIFA 23 leaks hint at Carlos Vela Moments SBC coming to Ultimate Team

A new Moments SBC has been leaked online (Images via EA Sports, Twitter/FUT Sheriff)
A new Moments SBC has been leaked online (Images via EA Sports, Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

The MLS superstar Carlos Vela Moments SBC card has been leaked online, and FIFA 23 players can expect it to arrive in the next few days. The latest information comes from reliable leaker FUT Sheriff, who made a couple of relevant posts on social media on February 8.

The last month has seen plenty of Moments and Flashback Squad Building Challenges get added to the Ultimate Team. This is a big positive in many ways, as players haven't had to rely on their pack luck or the FUT market to improve their squads. While the popular Team of the Year promo might be over, there are still plenty of different inclusions on their way.

Players will certainly have an exciting option on their hands when the Carlos Vela Moments SBC goes live. Typically, the special cards featured in such inclusions are released as part of Squad Building Challenges that make them available to all players. Not much is known at this point regarding the potential SBC, making many FIFA 23 players even more eager regarding its official launch.

FIFA 23 players could get an underrated item when the Carlos Vela Moments SBC releases

There's no guarantee that the rumored Carlos Vela Moments SBC will surely come to Ultimate Team. Hence, readers are advised to wait for official information from the developers, which will also disclose the exact details surrounding this Squad Building Challenge and its rewards.

Moments Squad Building Challenges typically feature highlights from a footballer's career where they did something outstanding. Naturally, the cards are given some big boosts in stats, leading to them possessing higher overalls. This certainly makes these items stronger than their base versions and offers gamers a greater shelf-life.

FIFA 23 players could see something similar with the Carlos Vela Moments SBC. Moreover, it will fit the earlier MLS-based cards introduced in Ultimate Team well. Players can also choose to use the Vela card from the bench, ignoring the chemistry requirements.


The viability of the potential SBC will eventually depend on the kind of tasks it will offer. These hurdles will determine the cost of the challenge. The most affordable way to complete it will be the most popular.

The SBC will also enable more FIFA 23 players, especially beginners, to unlock the card. Some of the recent Moments Squad Building Challenges have been on the cheaper side in terms of completion costs, enabling greater accessibility.

The Carlos Vela Moments SBC's release date remains a matter of speculation, and it could appear as early as February 9. However, it could also appear after the Future Stars Team 2's launch and offer an interesting alternative for players.

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Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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