FIFA 23 leaks reveal Raul as an upcoming Trophy Titans objective/SBC

Trophy Titans Raul has been leaked (Images via EA Sports and Twitter/FUT Sheriff)
Trophy Titans Raul has been leaked. (Images via EA Sports and Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

The second phase of the Trophy Titans promo will soon begin in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and Raul is rumored to receive a special version via an SBC or objective. The Spanish legend is held in high esteem by La Liga fans around the globe due to his prolific goal-scoring and excellent playmaking abilities. So, gamers will be pleased to learn that he is finally set to receive a usable version in FUT.

Despite being an incredible attacker in his playing days, Raul is often overlooked when it comes to Ultimate Team. He does not possess the stats to be a meta offensive option on the virtual pitch of FIFA 23, but his rumored Trophy Titans card could potentially change things.

Note: This article is speculative and is based entirely on leaks by Twitter/FUT Sheriff.

Raul will arrive as a Trophy Titans objective or SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

With the concept of Trophy Titans revolving around celebrating the storied careers of accomplished footballers, Raul's inclusion on the roster is rather fitting. The former Real Madrid superstar has earned his spot in the annals of Spanish football with his goal-scoring exploits for Los Blancos, winning a host of trophies and individual accolades in the process.

What does the card look like?

While the exact overall rating and attributes of the card are unknown, one can only assume that the Trophy Titans version will be an improvement over his Prime variant in FIFA 23. Based on FUT Sheriff's prediction, Raul could possess the following key stats:

  • Pace: 91
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Shooting: 92
  • Defending: 49
  • Passing: 84
  • Physicality: 77

FUT Sheriff also revealed that the Spanish forward will be available via an objective or SBC in FIFA 23, much to the excitement of FUT fans. The card could potentially resemble Denis Bergkamp's Trophy Titans item, which is currently up for grabs via an objective in FUT 23.


If the predicted stats are accurate, this could potentially be Raul's first usable card in the current meta of the game. Not only will he be rapid and agile on the ball, his shooting abilities and brute strength will make him the complete offensive package and allow him to dominate defenders on the virtual pitch.

With Claudio Marchisio also being leaked as an upcoming Trophy Titans SBC in FIFA 23, the second week of the event is shaping up to be even more appealing and engaging than the first.