Genshin Impact 3.8 banner leaks: Wanderer rerun possibility and new characters

Rumored 5-stars to appear on 3.8 banners (Image via HoYoverse)
Rumored 5-stars to appear on 3.8 banners (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact players are eagerly anticipating the upcoming 3.8 update's release, and new leaks have provided insight into what the future holds. Among the rumors are speculations about the possibility of a Wanderer rerun banner in version 3.8. This has sparked a wave of excitement within the community. Leaks also suggest that the version will be a filler update featuring only rerun banners.

Keep in mind that 3.8 won't be here for another six weeks, so these are very early rumors. That said, this article will cover all there is to know about upcoming banners in Genshin Impact 3.8.

Genshin Impact: New 3.8 banner leaks declare potential 5-star character reruns

A reliable leaker, Vissviss, circulated some information in the Genshin Impact community a few days ago. As shown in the tweet above, the source mentions the five-star characters that might appear on version 3.8's banners. Based on it, Eula and Klee are confirmed to have their rerun in the upcoming update.

This prediction has been bolstered by other leaks that claim both entities will be featured as main characters in the upcoming version 3.8 summer event.

Initially, there was little to no chance players would see Wanderer and Venti return on the limited banners in 3.8 update. Vissviss went out of their way to say that it was almost impossible for both these characters to come back since there was no information about them being involved in Genshin Impact's upcoming event quest.

However, a more recent leak from Vissviss sheds new light on the possibility of Wanderer's rerun in Genshin's 3.8 update. The fresh post claims that this entity's chance of seeing a rerun soon has slightly increased.

It seems that earlier leaks had evidence that Wanderer would appear on the 4.0 banners. This information was recently declared to be false, thus increasing his chances of appearing in 3.8.

Notice how the credible source puts emphasis on the term "slightly" in the tweet above. This implies that players still should pace their expectations regarding his rerun banner unless any concrete information or evidence surfaces.

New character Chiori recently leaked

In the meantime, another leaker, Mero has shared information about a new character, Chiori. Although this name makes her sound like an Inazuman entity (since it's a Japanese moniker, and Inazuma is inspired by Japan), there is currently no evidence to support that.

Based on Mero's leaks, Chiori appears to be a fashionista in Genshin Impact, who has her own store in Fontaine and is very famous for her designs. She has a very distinct philosophy when it comes to her creations. Surprisingly, Kirara's outfit was designed by Chiori.

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