Genshin Impact Fontaine leaks: Unique weapon theme, Hydro Archon's gear, and Focalors personality

Her old model leak
Her old model leak (Image via HoYoverse)

The Hydro Archon, Focalors, has been the subject of numerous Genshin Impact Fontaine rumors as of late. For example, her supposed real name was leaked to be Finina. Note that this article will continue to call her by her Archon name since nothing about her real identity has been confirmed just yet. All the leaks shown below come from notable leakers, but it's possible that some of this information isn't 100% accurate.

No full gameplay videos featuring the Hydro Archon are available at the moment. Likewise, very few images related to this entity have been brought about, and all of them are tied to Focalors' concept art. Her exact release date or version is yet to be revealed. Until then, let's look at what some credible leakers have to say about this character.

Genshin Impact Focalors leaks: All known information about Fontaine's Hydro Archon

There are two leaks to cover in this section, both of which are tied to the Hydro Archon's weapon. hxg has suggested that she uses a Sword, while Team China reported that her signature weapon is a Rapier. The latter also stated that her signature weapon is similar to Dota 2's Paladin Sword's effect, but they don't go into detail about which aspect is alike.

For reference, the Paladin Sword's effect is tied to boosting healing for the user. Based on Genshin Impact's current weapon system, it would be logical to deduce that this Rapier is a Sword in this game. That said, everything here is subject to change.

The second leak mentions how other Fontaine weapons are inspired by music, such as a Claymore being a Cello and a Bow somewhat resembling a Saxophone.

Focalors personality

A translation of the above tweet states the following (which can also be seen in one of this post's images):

"Focalors can throw everything away for the sake of justice. But the justice she pursued was nothing more than the justice of the strong. She has been worn over a long history and got a different personality. One tsundere girl."

Note that some of this information is just an interpretation of the Hydro Archon's personality. Genshin Impact leakers may have a different perspective from players, especially since no examples of what makes her "tsundere" are provided.

Hydro Archon's real name

Apparently, Focalors' English name in Genshin Impact will be Finina. Both Team China and Uncle YC have hinted at this. Older rumors suggested that her name was "F___ de Fontaine," and since Finina starts with 'F,' it's possible that her name is Finina de Fontaine.

Leaked appearance

The above tweet contains some images that have gotten copyright struck several times as part of other posts; most of them usually reference this entity being the Hydro Archon. This artwork came out along with numerous other Fontaine characters, with this particular leak being deemed credible at the moment.

Based on this concept art, it would seem as though Focalors uses the average female model. Unfortunately, no leaks show off the one for her Rapier's.

That's it for the current roundup of Genshin Impact leaks tied to the Hydro Archon, but new leaks are expected to arrive in the coming months.

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