Genshin Impact Inazuma leaks: Electro traveler, Inazuma map, Narukami weapons, and more revealed

Leaked Electro traveler in Genshin Impact (Image via lumie_lumie Twitter)
Leaked Electro traveler in Genshin Impact (Image via lumie_lumie Twitter)

Genshin Impact has released a sneak peek at its upcoming region, Inazuma. Although the arrival of the new map is still obscure, the leaks are continuously building hype for the upcoming nation. Various leaks and data-mined sources have released early previews of unfinished maps of Inazuma, Electro travelers, Inazuma-based weapon series called "Narukami," and more.

The Inazuma map is rumored to be in development for a long time. As a result, Genshin Impact fans have built massive hype for new characters like Ayaka, who hails from the same region.

Genshin Impact Inazuma leak shows the Electro travelers

Inazuma is believed to be the 3rd of the seven nations of Teyvat. The Electro Archon Baal rules over the Japan-inspired land. Similar to Mondstadt and Liyue's affiliation with Anemo and Geo element, Inazuma is the land of Electro. This means players can resonate with the Electro element once the region is introduced in Genshin Impact.

A recent Genshin Impact Inazuma leak revealed that the publisher is currently working on electro-type traveler siblings, hinting at the possible arrival of Inazuma sooner than expected. The leak showed the character menu of the travelers with an Electro elemental background theme and idle animations.

The elemental burst of the Electro-type travelers seems to be under development as the effects can not be used in the leaked gameplay. However, the animation for casting Elemental skill seems to be ready, as shown in the above clip.

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Genshin Impact Inazuma leak shows a glimpse of the unfinished design of the map.

The unfinished models of the Inazuma map in Genshin Impact have been revealed by Lumie, a popular data-miner in the community. Despite being an island, the map has multiple water bodies, such as lakes and lagoons. The houses and other structures seem to be inspired by Japanese architecture. However, the map is subject to change as the leaks are based on a very early design, and the final build will likely undergo several revamps for better optimization.

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Genshin Impact Inazuma leaks: Narukami weapon series

The above images reveal the leaked 2D renders of the upcoming 5-star weapons series, based on Inazuma's Narukami Island. The weapons are aesthetically pleasing and resemble the Electro Element. The Narukami weapon series includes a catalyst, a sword, and a bow.

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