Genshin Impact leaker shares more Dendro Archon kit details

Her character model
Dendro Archon's character model in Genshin Impact (Image via HoYoverse)

A notable Genshin Impact leaker recently shared some minor information regarding the Dendro Archon's playable kit. Unfortunately, the leak does not include gameplay footage or specific numbers for readers to view. Instead, it's just some minor text leaks.

Nonetheless, this leaker has a good track record, meaning that the leak is worth looking into until more concrete information shows up. It is worth mentioning that different leaks refer to this character as:

  • Dendro Archon
  • Kusanali
  • Nahida

Those names are used interchangeably here. With that out of the way, it's time to look at the actual Genshin Impact leaks.

Genshin Impact leaks reveal Dendro Archon gameplay

The first leak to discuss is the one that states, "Dendro Archon is a support in C0." There's currently no clarity on how this character can support her allies, but it's vital to note that she's a capable support at C0. New players may not understand all of Genshin Impact's jargon, so they should know that C0 means zero Constellations.

Every new character a player gets starts at C0. Getting Constellations for 5-star characters isn't easy, and the Dendro Archon has been confirmed to be a 5-star character.

Another leak by @hxg_diluc states that her Elemental Burst has an Energy cost of 70 or 80. Nahida apparently has a problem charging her Elemental Burst, but it's impossible for the public to verify since there is no information to cross-reference at the moment. For example, nothing is really known about her Elemental Skill, let alone what her Elemental Burst can do.

It's always possible that information like this won't be accurate, especially since leakers aren't known for being the best theorycrafters.

Another leaker known as Uncle Apple has also made some claims regarding the Dendro Archon's kit. Since Uncle Apple has a very good track record, according to Uncle Dictionary (a public source that documents accurate and false claims), it's worth looking at this leak.

The translation essentially talks about Kusanali being a buffer of some kind. Some related leaks also suggest that she scales well with Elemental Mastery, but there isn't any specific information on her kit past that.

Other Kusanali leaks

Kusanali will supposedly become playable in Genshin Impact 3.2. Which half of the update she will be released in is currently unknown. The Layla referenced in this tweet is apparently a 4-star Cryo Sword user who uses the short female model. Similar to Nahida, it's unknown which half of the update will feature her on a banner.

It's not even known if both Kusanali and Layla are on the same banner. Kusanali's Element is obviously Dendro, considering that her title is that of Dendro Archon.

Kusanali was datamined to be a Catalyst user, but Genshin Impact players should be aware that this type of data is subject to change. An infamous example of this type of data changing from the beta to the final release is Albedo being datamined as a Bow user, only to end up becoming a Sword user instead.

This covers all of the current rumors involving this highly anticipated character. Genshin Impact players should keep an eye out for more detailed leaks in the coming weeks.