Genshin Impact leaks: Everything known about Kokomi so far

A fan-made render of Kokomi in Genshin Impact (Image via lumie_lumie)
A fan-made render of Kokomi in Genshin Impact (Image via lumie_lumie)

Several Genshin Impact characters have been leaked recently, with Kokomi being one of them.

It is worth noting that there is a lot of speculation on whether or not Kokomi has replaced Mimi (with Kokomi being an updated version of Mimi) thanks to their similarities. Both characters have been leaked to be Hydro Catalysts, which would be quite strange for two upcoming characters to not only look very similar to one another, but also share the same weapon and vision.

That aside, Kokomi has been leaked among the other Inazuma characters, such as Yoimiya, Tohma, and Yae. Even characters like the Shogun have had their models leaked, so there is a fair amount of discussion to be had here.

Genshin Impact: All known info on Kokomi

Newer Genshin Impact fans might be wondering why the above leaker is referring to it as the 2.0 renders. For those that don't know, Genshin Impact 1.7 is the same as Genshin Impact 2.0, with the latter one being the more formal term used within the leaking community.

Aside from that, the above tweet also showcases some of the newly leaked Genshin Impact characters. It is crucial to note that Mimi is not among them, which ties into the earlier speculation of whether or not Mimi and Kokomi are the same characters.

Kokomi's model

Kokomi's leaked model in Genshin Impact (Image via lumie_lumie)
Kokomi's leaked model in Genshin Impact (Image via lumie_lumie)

Like most Genshin Impact characters, Kokomi's outfit is color-colored in a way that indicates she's a Hydro user. The previously leaked character, Mimi, was also incredibly similar in this regard.

If one was to compare the two, it would seem like Kokomi's model is more polished and complete. The back ribbon on Mimi's model was huge, which could've created some problems with visible clipping in-game.

Of course, there is no immediate evidence to suggest Kokomi is Mimi, so players should take that with a grain of salt. It's possible Mimi could be related to Kokomi, although other siblings like Jean and Barbara stand out far more.

Kokomi's weapon

It isn't yet revealed what Kokomi's personal weapon will be in Genshin Impact. All that's known is that she's a Catalyst user who has a Hydro vision. Some Genshin Impact players will be disappointed by this leak, since half of the Hydro characters in-game are already Catalyst users (who are also coincidentally female with the same body type).

Regardless of that, it's always possible for Kokomi to have her weapon changed like when Albedo was leaked to use a bow and ended up not using one in the final product.

More Inazuma leaks

Naturally, the closer Genshin Impact is to its next update, the more leaks will come out of nowhere. Whilst not much is known about Kokomi's aspirations or character yet, upcoming leaks will cover that part once 2.0 is leaked completely.

Yoimiya was once a leaked character with next to nothing known about her; now, Genshin Impact players know what she looks like, what her animations are, and more. Genshin Impact fans should be patient to see what more will be learned about Kokomi in the future.

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