Genshin Impact leaks: Lion Dance Boy character design surfaces ahead of Fontaine update

He's merely known as Lion Boy right now (Image via HoYoverse)

Another character shown in the massive Genshin Impact leaks from June 19, 2023, was immediately named "Lion Dance Boy." His official name is yet to be revealed. However, Travelers know that he's currently scheduled to be playable in one of the Fontaine updates. No credible leaks confirm which one it is, but some unverified rumors exist.

This character is often called "Lion Dance Boy" because some of the reference material discovered in the mega-leak shows a concept similar to the real-life Lion Dance. For those unaware, a Lion Dance is a type of routine that attempts to mimic a lion's movement while in a costume.

This sort of activity is popular in Chinese festivals. Since Genshin Impact's Liyue is based on China, many speculate this character comes from that in-game region.

Genshin Impact Fontaine leaks detail more information about the long-rumored Lion Dance Boy

There are two renders leaked for this mysterious character thus far. They're both very similar to one another, with the main differences being different colors and some minor adjustments to clothing. Actual costumes used for lion dances are shown in this leak as reference material, along with a few characters from other IPs.

It is far too early to tell which character design will end up being finalized, if any. It's possible this playable unit will look entirely different than what's shown here. After all, this same set of leaks showed many old character leaks that prove many things change during development, such as how Candace was once a Hydro Catalyst named Soutine or what Nahida used to look like.

This Lion Dance Boy leak matches up with what leaker hxg once stated about this character, as shown below.

Some old traced sketches and even blurry images of what Travelers could already see in the first tweet featured in this article were eventually leaked. No new leaks related to this character's design have since surfaced online.

Since no credible leak indicates that Lion Dance Boy will be released soon, it's safe to say a good amount of this character is heavily subject to change. By comparison, several other Fontaine units have some leaked release dates.

Rarity and release date rumors

This leak claims several future Genshin Impact characters' rarities and other minor information. In Lion Dance Boy's case, he's merely referenced to come from Liyue, is a 4-star unit, and will appear in one of the updates after Version 4.0. No specific release date is referenced here.

Here is a list of release dates shown in this Genshin Impact leak since it may be too small to view otherwise:

  • Lyney (5-star): Version 4.0
  • Lynette (4-star): Version 4.0
  • Freminet (4-star): Version 4.0
  • Wriothesley (5-star): Version 4.1
  • Neuvillette (5-star): Possibly Version 4.1 (the leak isn't too confident)
  • Furina (5-star): Possible Version 4.2 (once again, the leak has a question mark here)

Every other character either has 4.x or x.x listed as their release dates, indicating that even the current Genshin Impact leaks don't have too much certain information available at hand. Remember that everything discussed here is heavily subject to change, especially for anything tied to a Version Update several months away.