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Genshin Impact leaks: Release dates for Dendro element, Chasm, Inazuma, and Ludi Harpastum speculated by popular leaker

(Image via Genshin Impact Info and Updates)
(Image via Genshin Impact Info and Updates)
Tariq Hassan
Modified 06 Apr 2021

Genshin Impact has had its fair share of leaks and speculation, and players are always eager to learn as much as they can. One popular leaker has uploaded a huge list of possible leaks and they seem to detail the roadmap for the next updates, including the possibility of Inazuma coming much earlier than expected. Players should take these leaks with a grain of salt, but this is a reputable leaker so these just might be true.

Genshin Impact leaks including Chasm, Inazuma, and Ludi Harpastum:

This leak comes from the Genshin Impact Info and Updates page on Facebook, which is a very popular and reputable source for Genshin Impact information. They are getting their information from a leaker known as Arkywzx, and another old leak from an insider called Icarus. These leaks are huge, and detail a lot about what is coming to Genshin Impact.

Unfortunately for some players, this may be disappointing information, but for players excited about Ayaka and the new region of Inazuma, this will definitely be great news. This leaker has dropped a lot of information in this post, so here is the breakdown.

Dendro delayed in Genshin Impact

Fans of Dendro will have to wait a bit longer for Genshin Impact to introduce the new element. It appears Dendro is not coming with update 1.6 and it may be pushed back even further. The next two updates also don't seem to include the missing element. Players who have been waiting for characters like YaoYao and Baizhu may unfortunately be in for a longer wait.


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Inazuma coming to Genshin Impact sooner than expected

The leak states that Inazuma will be released in update 1.6, which is much sooner than players may have been expecting. This is great news for any players who have been waiting for Ayaka Kamisato.

It appears that the first banners coming to 1.6 will be Kazuha's and Yoimiya's, characters whose models have been leaked, but that players don't know enough concrete information about. Players can also look forward to using the Electro Traveller, as the files for that have been found in the game and may point to 1.6 Inazuma being true.


Summer Islands in Genshin Impact

(Image via Genshin Impact Info and Updates)
(Image via Genshin Impact Info and Updates)

The Summer Island event has been found in the files of Genshin Impact, and while not much is known about its true nature, leakers have speculated that it may point to Inazuma being released this summer alongside a new event. Players may have this event to look forward to over the summer months, as 1.6 and 1.7 take players to these islands adjacent Inazuma.

Ludi Harpastum possibly pushed back


There is a possibility that the Klee rerun may take place after the arrival of Inazuma, as the Ludi Harpastum is overtaken by the arrival of the new region. It seems that not everything is set in stone however, and players may still be able to look forward to Klee and the new festival in Mondstadt. There will also be new characters appearing in update 1.5 that have yet to be leaked, so this information may point players in the direction of the story.

If these leaks turn out to be true, players will have a lot to look forward to in the near future of Genshin Impact. These leakers have been correct in the past, so the possibility of Inazuma's release may come true. Players should still remember that leaks still carry a large amount of speculation and that this may change upon release.

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Published 06 Apr 2021, 02:37 IST
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