Genshin Impact leaks reveal more details about Lisa and Ayaka’s new outfits

The two new skins' designs are currently unknown (Image via HoYoverse)
The two new skins' designs are currently unknown (Image via HoYoverse)

Various Genshin Impact leaks confirm that Lisa and Ayaka will be getting new outfits. The most likely release date will be around Spring of next year, but there aren't any specific dates. Unfortunately for Travelers, there aren't any gameplay videos or screenshots of the new skins' appearances.

There are, however, several leaks that reveal some minor information that players might be interested in seeing for one reason or another. Lisa's outfit's theme has been described as that of a student, while Ayaka's is related to Spring.

Note: These leaks aren't guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Take everything you see with some skepticism.

What to know about Lisa and Ayaka's new outfits based on the latest Genshin Impact leaks

Skin theme:spring Ayakastudent Lisa
I think it's clear when they will be released

These Genshin Impact leaks from July 7 state the two new outfits' general theme and imply that they will be released around Spring of next year. Previously, Travelers knew that Lisa and Ayaka would be getting new skins, but there weren't many details besides that.

These new leaks don't reveal too much, as a "Spring Ayaka" or "Student Lisa" could look like a number of things. The biggest part of these Genshin Impact leaks is that they will likely appear in Spring 2023, as the first outfit listed here wouldn't make sense to be released any time before then.

Considering how long players will have to wait until such a time approaches, it will likely be a long time before players discover more specific details about these two new skins.

Other Genshin Impact leaks related to these two new skins

@merlin_impact I can confirm that there is skin data in future patches of the game about skins for Lisa and Ayaka, I will leave it up to Mero to announce what they will be.

Another leaker known as genshinBLANK confirmed that there was skin data related to these two characters. This leak was one of the earlier and more credible instances of proof for Lisa and Ayaka getting new outfits. genshinBLANK left it to Mero to release more information, which is what readers can see above in the first two embedded tweets of this article.

Surprisingly, there is one other notable leak worth sharing related to this topic.

One notable leaker known as Uncle DD stated that Ayaka's skin doesn't look good. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so something like this would be subjective. There are no leaked images or videos of these new outfits, so it's not as if the general public can see them.

Personal tastes will differ from one person to another. This leak isn't too significant on its own, but it's one of the very few leaks related to this topic. Hence, some readers might wish to see it. Another important part about it is that it also agrees with the previous Genshin Impact leaks regarding who will be getting the new outfits.

The Uncle DD Alt leaker stated that Lisa was going to get a skin several weeks before Mero revealed the two characters that were going to get new costumes. Uncle DD Alt did so by a semi-cryptic hint, as seen above. Although Travelers don't have much information about the two new skins right now, there has been an increase of leaks on the matter as of late.

Patience is a virtue, so fans of these two characters should wait until more is revealed.

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