Honkai Star Rail leak hints at updated abilities for Dr. Ratio

Dr. Ratio
Dr. Ratio's appearance is pretty similar to Jing Yuan (Image via miHoYo)

A recent Honkai Star Rail link involving Dr. Ratio has been showcased on social media, and it hints at some possible major changes being made to his kit. The latest information comes from reliable leaker HSR_stuff, who gave out the leaked kit on their Twitter account. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time the character in discussion has been leaked online. However, the earlier predictions about him have changed, and the updated information can be considered his possible abilities.

It remains unknown when the character will be available in Honkai Star Rail. As things stand, miHoYo is following a concrete pattern when it comes to releasing new heroes in the game. The recent update 1.1 contains two 5-star characters - including Silver Wolf, and version 1.2’s lineup also seems set. However, the community can still be excited at the abilities that Dr. Ratio could get in the game.

All Dr. Ratio leaked abilities and skills in Honkai Star Rail

Based on tonight’s leaks, Dr. Ratio will belong to the Path of the Hunt and be a 5-star character upon release. He will have his highlight banner in all possibilty, based on the existing trends that miHoYo has followed.

  • Basic: Does Imaginary damage
  • Skill: Triggers the talent effect once and targets a single enemy.
  • Talent: Dr. Ratio will gain one of five random buffs and trigger a follow-up attack once per turn.
  • Technique: A special field will be created, and all enemies within it will be affected by the character’s taunt. If they’re within the field, there’s a chance for them to receive speed debuffs.
  • Ultimate: The enemy targeted by the Ultimate attack will receive lightning damage and a “Fool’s Mark.” Attacking this enemy will allow the talent effect to take place more, and Dr. Ratio will get an extra turn as well.

Based on tonight's information, it’s hard to predict which role the character will serve in Honkai Star Rail. He could become a highly flexible option in any squad, based on his ability to trigger different skills and debuffs to enemies.


It’s worth noting that there aren’t too many 5-star characters that do Imaginary damage. Upon release, this could make him even more valuable to Honkai Star Rail players. Readers are advised to wait for the official confirmation before drawing any conclusions, and all information revealed here is subject to possible changes in the future.

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