Honkai Star Rail leaks hint at new 4-star character Luka: Expected move set, element, and more

A recent leak seems to suggest a 4-star character, Luka is due to arrive soon (Image via HSR_Stuff)
A recent leak seems to suggest a 4-star character, Luka is due to arrive soon (Image via HSR_Stuff)

Honkai Star Rail, the latest turn-based RPG from HoYoverse, features a wide roster of playable characters. The game is based on a live-service model. It gets major updates (in the form of version patches) that introduce new characters and other in-game events. If a recent leak is to be believed, the title will be getting a new 4-star hero soon.

A leak from Twitter user Mero suggests that HoYoverse plans to release a new 4-star hero named Luka for Honkai Star Rail. The character is expected to be released across all servers simultaneously.

New 4-star character Luka is expected to debut soon in Honkai Star Rail

According to the leak posted by Mero, Luka is expected to be a 4-star Physical DPS that follows the Path of Nihility. The following data has been obtained regarding his skills and moveset:

  • Element: Physical
  • Path of Nihility
  • Hundred Crack Fist: The enhanced version of Luka’s basic attacks. Attacks target thrice using this ability, followed by the “Rising Dragon Fist” move.
  • Skill: Luka’s skill deals heavy Physical damage to a single foe, inflicting the “Fissure” debuff on it for two whole turns. Enemies afflicted with Fissure take continuous Physical damage.
  • Ultimate: Targets a specific foe, dealing high Physical damage. Luka gains two Energy in the process. Targeted enemies take additional damage for two turns.
  • Talent: Using basic attacks or skills generates Energy. Energy is used to perform enhanced basic attacks. Enemies afflicted with the Fissure debuff take additional damage from Rising Dragon Fist.
  • Technique: At the start of each battle, Luka attacks a random enemy to generate an Energy point.

Luka is expected to arrive at some point within version 1.2 of Honkai Star Rail. The character will likely be obtainable exclusively via the game’s gacha, so players should plan their resources accordingly.

Additional details about Luka are unknown at the moment. Furthermore, it should be kept in mind that the information in this article is from unofficial sources and not HoYoverse. This means all the aforementioned features are subject to change upon the character's release.


Honkai Star Rail was released on April 26, 2023, for PC and mobile devices worldwide. A PlayStation port is in active development and is set to be released later this year.

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