All Physical characters in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail - Physical Characters (Image via HoYoVerse)
Honkai: Star Rail - Physical Characters (Image via HoYoVerse)

Similar to other titles in the HoYoverse franchise, Honkai: Star Rail boasts a diverse set of playable characters that enhance the overall immersion and appeal of the game. Each character is endowed with their own distinctive background story, personality, and combat abilities, making them a delight to use.

Currently, Honkai: Star Rail boasts a total of 25 characters. Every character is affiliated with an element, which includes Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Quantum, and Imaginary. The attacks that these characters execute are tied to their respective elements, determining the damage inflicted.

Listed below are all the Honkai: Star Rail characters affiliated with the Physical element.

Natasha and other Physical characters in Honkai: Star Rail Guide

Clara (Rarity: 5-star; Path: The Destruction)

Honkai: Star Rail - Clara (Image via HoYoVerse)
Honkai: Star Rail - Clara (Image via HoYoVerse)

Clara possesses a gentle demeanor in Honkai: Star Rail. She was raised by a highly intelligent robot named Svarog.

Despite her shy and timid nature, Clara displays remarkable resilience and perceptiveness, qualities that are attributed to her unique upbringing. She treats everyone with care and compassion, including the guard robots.

Clara used to view Svarog's logical calculations as absolute truth. However, as she matures, she begins to understand that these calculations may not always consider all factors and may not be suitable for everyone.

Clara shines as an off-tank and physical damage dealer (with Svarog's help). Using Svarog's Mark of Counter, Clara can unleash a barrage of counterattacks between her turns. Her ultimate ability enables her and Svarog to taunt enemies and absorb damage that would otherwise harm her more vulnerable teammates.

Her unique skill set makes her an ideal choice for players looking to add a tanky AoE damage dealer to their team to safeguard their more fragile buffers and DPS.

Natasha (Rarity: 4-star; Path: The Abundance)

Honaki: Rail Star - Natasha (Image via HoYoVerse)
Honaki: Rail Star - Natasha (Image via HoYoVerse)

Natasha is a doctor in Honkai: Star Rail who originates from The Underworld in Belobog. Despite being fastidious, she always wears a curious smile and is well-liked by her patients, including the energetic little girl Hook, who addresses her respectfully as "Auntie Natasha."

The Underworld lacks medical resources, but Natasha's expertise and resourcefulness allow her to serve as one of the few available doctors in her community.

Natasha is a Support character who can aid her allies by healing them through her skills and ultimate moves. Her passive ability enhances the rate of her outgoing healing, making her an essential character for survival during challenging battles.

Although Natasha can deal some damage through her basic attacks, her primary role is to support the party. To ensure that Natasha can perform her healing duties effectively, it is important to focus on increasing her HP and outgoing healing boost through equipment selection. Additionally, enhancing her energy restoration rate enables her to heal more frequently and reduces the cooldown time.

Sushang (Rarity:4-star; Path: The Hunt)

Honkai: Star Rail - Sushang (Image via HoYoVerse)
Honkai: Star Rail - Sushang (Image via HoYoVerse)

Sushang is a new and enthusiastic member of the Cloud Knights, led by Jing Yuan, in Xianzhou Lufou. Despite her naivety, she has a deep appreciation for the history and legends surrounding the Cloud Knights and is thrilled to be a part of such stories.

Sushang is a helpful person who believes in doing at least one good deed a day and reflecting on herself three times a day, keeping herself occupied with her philosophy.

Sushang specializes in dealing high damage to a single target, making her a valuable asset for taking down bosses rather than groups of enemies. While she may not be as versatile as other DPS characters, her abilities enable her to boost her own attacks and deliver significant amounts of physical damage, making her a formidable option for facing solo-target challenges.

Honkai: Star Rail has officially launched and is now available for PC and mobile users. The game will also be released for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 at a later date.