Keemstar guesses why Twitch banned Dr DisRespect

The Doc at the PUBG Global Invitational
The Doc at the PUBG Global Invitational
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About one week ago, popular Twitch streamer Dr. DisRespect was banned from the platform. American Youtuber Keemstar has a theory as to why this may have happened. In a video posted on Twitter, Keemstar says that there is no hard evidence as to why Dr. DisRespect was banned.

Keemstar adds that he believes Twitch may have banned Doc to avoid 'paying the streamer'. This conclusion was based on his research on the different theories circulating on the internet.

In late 2019, Dr DisRespect claimed he was one of the first streamers whom Mixer tried to poach from Twitch. This resulted in Dr DisRespect signing a multiyear deal with Twitch in March 2020. The deal would keep him from leaving the platform, and in exchange, Twitch would pay him. Although the exact amount Doc would receive is unknown, many people speculate that the deal would give him upwards of $10 million.

Dr Disrespect Ban: Keemstar's Theory

Keemstar believes that Twitch banned Dr DisRespect in order to void the deal. It's highly likely that there is some sort of 'good standing' clause in the contract. A good standing clause would mean that if Doc was banned, he would not receive any money. Keemstar also points out that since Doc is often violent and crass, Twitch could find many reasons to ban him.

This theory makes a lot of sense, especially if the timeline is considered. The Doc's ban came just days after Mixer announced it would shut down. Twitch would no longer have to fear losing Doc, so they could now ban him without repercussions. Of course, Dr DisRespect could still find other platforms to stream on, but Twitch would now have the leverage to force Doc to renegotiate a deal.

Although the real reason for the ban is still unknown, this theory is one of the most likely explanations. It also makes more sense than some of the other crazy theories out there. If this theory is true, there might be an ensuing court battle. Doc has been quiet on all his social networks since June 27th when he tweeted that he did not know the reason for the ban.

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