Leaks reveal new Genshin Impact 3.0 enemies who can throw sand in players' eyes

Genshin Impact players will reportedly get new enemies to take down (Image via Yelan Lover)
Genshin Impact players will reportedly get new enemies to take down (Image via Yelan Lover)

Genshin Impact leaks have revealed a new set of enemies that will be arriving during the 3.0 update. These individuals use a unique fighting style that can blind players and make battles much tougher. They also seem to have some level of control over sand, making it a lot harder to pin them down.

Players will want to make sure they are prepared to take down these enemies as they explore Sumeru. They will likely cause major problems for players in the new region.

Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks: New enemies from Sumeru expected to fight in groups

As mentioned earlier, Genshin Impact leaks have revealed that players will have to face off against some powerful new foes as they explore Sumeru.

These enemies will pose a serious threat to the player and their team, as they can perform unique new attacks and fight in a style that fits the region of Sumeru.

Part of Sumeru seems to be buried in sand, and these new desert bandits make the most of their surroundings to win in battle.

As shown in the video above, these enemies can gather up a handful of sand to toss in the player's face, covering their screen and making it tougher to see what's going on.

This can result in some difficult battles, as the lack of vision can result in players taking big hits from these enemies. It looks like they will fight in groups as well, which means fans may be outnumbered in each battle.

These enemies also have a unique defeat animation. They use their sand to create a huge plume to escape in.

The desert bandits will likely be found in the region of Sumeru, making all of their sandy abilities much more potent.

Genshin Impact players will want to make sure that they keep a close eye on these enemies to avoid getting hit by their quick attacks and powerful blows. They will likely take the place of Treasure Hoarders in Sumeru.

The Treasure Hoarders are widespread throughout the world of Teyvat, but with the addition of these desert bandits, there may actually be infighting between the two groups.

Players who have mastered defeating Treasure Hoarders will likely have no problems taking down these bandits with ease. However, this group's unique attacks and blinding sand may still threaten even the most skilled players.

With so much content coming to Sumeru, players will want to make sure they are ready to take on this new region and fully explore everything it has to offer.

There is a ton to look forward to in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, and these new enemies will definitely spice up the gameplay in the land of Dendro.

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