Shikanoin Heizou in Genshin Impact: Leaked release date and all you must know

Shikanoin Heizou (Image via Genshin Impact)
Shikanoin Heizou (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact has a ton of unreleased characters who have only appeared in the game's lore or in-game dialogue. Shikanoin Heizou is one of these characters, as he appears in dialogue from several sources. Fans have pieced together a lot about Heizou, along with leaks pointing to his possible release date.

Heizou's release window is still somewhat uncertain, but thanks to these leaks, players can look forward to his arrival in March or April. More about Heizou's backstory can also be found here, giving a good idea of what he may be like when he is released.

Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks: Shikanoin Heizou release date and more

[Questionable]2.6 will introduce 2 new charactersAyato - 5 StarHeizou - 4 Star

Thanks to reputable leaker UBatcha, players may be able to expect Shikanoin Heizou's release to be in update 2.6. This means that Heizou will be releasing around late March to early April.

Heizou has received tons of attention from the fanbase, as some popular fan designs have circulated online. Still, his official appearance is currently unknown, so players should prepare for anything.

Not much is currently known about Heizou, other than the lore tidbits that can be found in character's dialogues. Kano Nana is an attendant at the Grand Narukami Shrine, and she is Heizou's distant cousin.

Heizou describes himself as a detective for the Tenryou Commission, similar to Kujou Sara. However, his methods cause him to butt heads with most of his superiors and comrades, as he is an eccentric individual. His schemes are unconcerned with the military, government, or commercial affairs, but mostly seem to follow his own whims.

Shikanoin is a man who prioritizes his own goals over his official duties or any government ones. There is good to be said about him: he brings results in what he does and is highly principled---though it may be hard to understand the choices he makes in regards to these

Heizou seems to be a generally carefree individual, except for when it comes to pursuing his own interests. When his attention is caught, it is common for him to go missing for days on end, causing his family to post on noticeboards looking for his whereabouts. Heizou is definitely an interesting and unique character, and it will be fun to see how that translates into his gameplay.

Genshin Impact fans will definitely want to keep an eye out for any more information on Shikanoin Heizou.

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