The Last of Us: Release window for reported PS5 remake leaked

The Last of Us PS5 remake has a potential release window (Image via TLOU)
The Last of Us PS5 remake has a potential release window (Image via TLOU)
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If industry insiders are to be believed, a PS5 remake of the original The Last of Us is on its way. While the main game is expected to remain the same, there will be certain upgrades being made to make the game more suitable for the line of next generation consoles.


It has been nearly 8 years since The Last of Us was released on PS3. The game became an immediate success and won over fans and critics alike. The game has since received a sequel, but many new generation console owners wanted to experience the first game in the updated hardware of the PlayStation 5.

Despite no official confirmation, their wishes could come true quite soon, if the rumored news indeed turns out to be true.

Note: This article is based on rumors and leaks and no official information on the topic has been released yet.

PlayStation 5 fans will be able to enjoy The Last of Us sometime this year

Remastering a game for a console that came out 7 years later than the current one is no meager task. The original specifications and system of the game build was made with the system of the PS3 in mind. But that will have to be changed now to match the expectations for the PS5.

Heard from multiple people now that the TLOU remake is nearly finished and could release during the latter half of 2022🧐

Although it could have been expected that the remastered version of the original game would have required a lot of time, it seems that the work is about to come to an end. Fans will likely be able to enjoy the upgraded version on their PS5 in 2022. The exact date is unknown, but given the fact that there has been no official confirmation, it might be near the end of the year when the remaster becomes available.

However, it must be remembered that this is based on speculation and rumors. Several reports have gone in this same direction, which would suggest that the rumors could very well turn out to be true.

Earlier, during the CES 2022 conference, Naughty Dog had some exciting news for fans. Their co-president Neil Druckmann said the studio was dying to share the news of several gaming projects the studio has been working on since finishing up with The Last of Us II.

Rumors hint towards The Last of Us II and standalone multiplayer game

Further rumors have suggested that a The Last of Us Part 2 Director's cut may be on the way for fans as well. However, the probable timeline for it is still not known.

With TLOU2 MP and TLOU 2 directors cut - I've heard they are coming too - But I don't know exactly when/how. Them all releasing together could be a good compromise if GOW got delayed to Q1 2023 - But that's just speculation on my end for the moment.

Additionally, Naughty Dog is rumored to be working on the development of a standalone multi-player game, details of which are also keenly awaited.

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