The titles for the next five Dark Pictures Anthology games leaked

Trademarks for five more Dark Pictures games have been filed (Image via Sportskeeda)
Trademarks for five more Dark Pictures games have been filed (Image via Sportskeeda)

The success of the Dark Pictures series franchise is hotly debated as it always evokes polarized reactions from fans.

Supermassive Games decided to embark on a journey of interaction-based story-rich games after their 2015 success with Until Dawn. It was a moment that showed that a market for visually enriching games exists and doesn't follow the direct approach.

PSN Platinum #122This was prob my favorite story horror game to play from the series. It is definitely up there with the quality of Until DawnThe Dark Pictures Anthology: House of AshesFull House! (PLATINUM)#PlayStationTrophy #PS5Share, #TheDarkPicturesAnthologyHouseofAshes

While the reception of the three Dark Pictures games has been relatively mixed up to this point, Supermassive games haven't given up on their project. While many in the community have been left surprised, recent developments suggest that the anthology will continue. Supermassive Games have now filed for five new trademarks, which will be great news for fans into this type of gameplay.

Supermassive Games file trademarks for five fresh Dark Pictures games

Earlier on January 31, news came in that the Supermassive Games had informed them of their desire to continue with the Dark Pictures anthology. These are standalone horror adventure games that heavily influence interactions. The first anthology was supposed to have eight games in its part and three have been released so far.

Supermassive Games trademarks five new The Dark Pictures titles…

Five new trademarks have already been filed for and they're as follows:

  • β€œThe Dark Pictures: The Craven Manβ€œ
  • β€œThe Dark Pictures Presents: O Deathβ€œ
  • β€œThe Dark Pictures: Directive 8020β€œ
  • β€œThe Dark Pictures: Intercessionβ€œ
  • β€œThe Dark Pictures: Winterfoldβ€œ

The fourth release of the ongoing saga hasn't been released yet. It's estimated to arrive sometime in 2022 and be named Devil in Me. While five fresh trademarks have been filed, it now remains to be seen how the developments will shape up.


If a potential five new games follow Devil in Me directly, it would mean that the anthology will be of nine games, compared to plans of eight earlier. Alternatively, these five potential games could start with another fresh set of anthologies altogether.

While more information is awaited, the games will likely come after 2023 if they become a fresh anthology overall. If they become part of the existing series, 2023 will be a likely date.

@JAAY_ROCK_ If visuals were everything, Dark Pictures would have been the best game ever made. It's a full cutscene simulator that runs great even on Xbox One and looks better than everything available today!

The Dark Pictures Games have bifurcated fans so far. While many dislike the games for being too slow, others love it for the co-op action the game provides, along with the environments the games are set in. It remains to be seen if the upcoming games can change how the community looks.

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