Tohama in Genshin Impact: Will he be a playable character?

Tohama as a playable character for Genshin Impact? (Image via Lumie, Twitter)
Tohama as a playable character for Genshin Impact? (Image via Lumie, Twitter)

Genshin Impact is yet to reveal Tohama, speculated to make his in-game arrival soon, especially with Genshin Impact v1.4 around the corner.

However, what fans know about him is just rumors. Developer miHoYo has still not given any confirmation or announcement regarding his debut as a playable character.

With that being said, here's everything known so far about Tohama in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact x Tohama leaks

The official design for Tohama has not been revealed yet. But fans and 'leakers' have already made and posted artwork showcasing the possible looks for him.

Known Genshin Impact leaker and fanart creator Lumie posted a 3D model of the alleged Tohama design on Twitter. It showed the character wearing an outfit with a red motif and shades of black and brown.

One noticeable aspect of the design is the traditional Japanese aesthetic. It might turn out to be hints about the traditional setting rumored for the upcoming Inazuma region.

Tohama was also seen in a photo posted by user NEP NEP on Twitter. It was an image presenting multiple rumored characters for future Genshin Impact releases.

The leaked photo was posted last December, with some characters from there already released. It includes some 5-star names like the Geo-type Albedo and the Cryo-type Ganyu (released in Genshin Impact 1.2), and the recently-launched Anemo-type Xiao for Genshin Impact 1.3.

The 5-star Pyro-type, Hu Tao, is also in NEP NEP's image and has been confirmed by miHoYo for the "Papilo Charontis" limited-time event as part of update 1.3. It will start today, i.e., March 2nd, and run-up to March 16th.

Other rumored characters such as Ayako, Mimi, Yaoyao, Yunjin, and Rosaria were also seen in the post, though nothing has been confirmed.

Tohama part of Genshin Impact 1.4?

With the leaks and rumors about Tohama's speculated Genshin Impact debut surrounding the gaming community, it is highly possible that the rumored Pyro-type Polearm user will make his way to the playable roster of the game.


It could be as early as Genshin Impact v1.4 or with later game updates, such as v1.5 or v1.6.

Fans can only wait for the official announcement from miHoYo about the future of the game. In the meantime, they can play various quests available in Genshin Impact, including the newly-released event for Hu Tao.

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