Verdansk might make a return to the upcoming Warzone project, as per recent leaks and speculations

Verdansk might make a return in the upcoming Warzone mobile (image via Activision)
Verdansk might make a return in the upcoming Warzone mobile (image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone's fan-favorite map Verdansk is returning. Though it is coming back to the game, it is not making a conventional return. A new leak regarding the upcoming Call of Duty mobile game has come to light, and the leaked images and gameplay show a replica of the good old Verdansk in the next ultimate mobile battle royale experience.

While the world of mobile gaming is gradually taking over the market, it is no surprise that the developers are focusing more on how to improve the experience for fans.


Since the developers have not confirmed anything as of today, the details regarding the game are still a bit unclear. However, Call of Duty recently announced that the new mobile battle royale's codename is 'Project Aurora', and is meant to bring the CoD community closer than ever.

Warzone mobile's leaked gameplay footage shows possible return of Verdansk

Recently, Call of Duty sent direct invitations to some select individuals to test the game's Alpha build. While the game is still in the stage of development, developers are trying their best to make improvements.

A recent leak, which revealed gameplay and some images of the forthcoming battle royale experience, showed some massive information, which made the original WZ community extremely excited.

Fans were speculating if Verdansk would return to the rumored Warzone 2, but the recent leak regarding 'Project Aurora' says otherwise. The leaked gameplay footage reveals all the known POIs of Verdansk in 2020.

The gameplay, in-game voices, and everything is similar to Warzone so far. The map looks like a less detailed version of the original Verdansk. The leaked photos also reveal the original gulag that was introduced back in 2020.

Since the introduction of Caldera, OG Warzone players have been missing Verdansk like none other. Even with the integration of Black Ops Cold War, the old Verdansk was gone and a new 80s version was introduced in place of it. Coming to the current state of Warzone, with all the problems that Verdansk has had, it is still missed by fans.


A few weeks ago, a Call of Duty dev hinted at a possible return of Verdansk, and it was a bit unclear what the medium would be. The leaked footage gave fans an overall idea of what 'Project Aurora' might look like.

In their recent press release, Call of Duty said:

"The content in the Project Aurora Closed Alpha is not final and is subject to change. Right now, were simply assessing the game’s large-scale Battle Royale gameplay mechanics on mobile devices."

It is not yet confirmed when the game will be available for everyone to play. The devs are still working on the project and the game is going through a lot of stress testing matches to improve performance and fidelity.

Fans can expect that, with the release of the game, Call of Duty will bring a new era to the world of mobile gaming.