Scaramouche is likely to be a playable character in Genshin Impact, as per latest speculation

Scaramouche may be releasing soon (Image via Genshin Impact)
Scaramouche may be releasing soon (Image via Genshin Impact)

New Genshin Impact discoveries have pointed to the possibility of Scaramouche releasing as a playable character in the near future. Fans of the Fatui Balladeer will definitely be happy to hear about these new speculations, as Scaramouche has been long awaited by the community.

As one of the game's first revealed Fatui, Scaramouche has had a strong fanbase in the community, and he is one of the most intruging characters in the game. This new info definitely raises the possibility of Scaramouche being playable, and gamers can read all about it here.

New Scaramouche animations discovered in Genshin Impact

This new Genshin Impact speculation comes from the Irodori Festival, in which a crafty co-op player managed to get Scaramouche to move to an open position, triggering a unique running animation. This special animation is new, and in the past has only been found in characters who have a playable model.

irodori spoilers someone pointed out that scaramouche has running animations which probably means that he’s gonna be playable

Genshin Impact's NPCs and playable characters utilize different model types, and having certain animations means that the likelihood of them being playable is much higher. The model also seems to have much cleaner animations now, without clipping and with fluid motion for his flowing fabrics.

scaramouche is the best fatui in the game just cause of his drip alone, don't @ me

Players who have analyzed the model have pointed to this being an updated and more close to a playable version of his character.

scaramouche running animation + veil flapping is available..... yeah, we're getting that drip marketing soon!…

With additional details added to his veil and flowing clothes, it would be hard to imagine that Scaramouche wouldn't end up being playable. Leaks in the past have indicated that he would arrive at some point in the future, but there has never been any solid information about his kit or playstyle.

Still, he seems to be making constant appearances throughout the game's story, and it doesn't appear that his journey has ended quite yet.

Just a reminder that, unlike Signora, Scaramouche has had avatar / (potentially placeholder) element/weapon data for quite some time, now. He will be playable.It is unknown whether this boss fight indicates a release timeline, but we thought this news was big enough to share.…

With tons of evidence backing up Scaramouche's eventual release as a playable character, fans will want to make sure they save up some Primogems for his release. It's likely that he will have a unique kit as a member of the Fatui, similar to Childe.

remember when i did these💔 can’t wait to take pics of scaramouche in game ! :p

These powers come alongside along with commanding some powerful Electro abilities thanks to his nature as a pseudo relative of the Shogun. It's uncertain exactly when Scaramouche will be released, but players will want to keep an eye out for this powerful warrior in a future update.

Genshin Impact has a ton of unreleased characters, and Scaramouche is definitely one of the most anticipated additions.

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