Twitter goes crazy as Scaramouche makes surprise appearance in Genshin Impact 2.1 livestream

Scaramouche has made a surprise appearance in the 2.1 livestream (Image via Genshin Impact )
Scaramouche has made a surprise appearance in the 2.1 livestream (Image via Genshin Impact )

Genshin Impact fans are going crazy on Twitter after Scaramouche finally returned to make an appearance in the 2.1 livestream. He has been absent since update 1.2.

The short clip of Scaramouche in the 2.1 livestream trailer has Genshin Impact Twitter exhilarated, as his brief cameo comes with the promise of future appearances in the story.

Scaramouche has had one of the most dedicated fanbases ever since he featured in the Unreconciled Stars event in Genshin Impact 1.2. The update is still held as one of the best by players for its story significance and great rewards, and Scaramouche made a big impact on players, as the Fatui Harbinger proved to be an enemy trying to take down the Traveler.

According to the 2.1 livestream trailer, Scaramouche will be returning to the story, and he still seems like quite the villain as he gloats over a collapsing Aether and smirks at the camera. While his true intentions are unknown, it is likely that he has caught wind of the Traveler's appearance in Inazuma and is trying to take them down once again. For more information, fans will have to wait for the update to be released, but this small entrance has already stirred up quite a storm.

Genshin Impact: Fans thrilled over Scaramouche's appearance in 2.1 livestream

Scaramouche's appearance is receiving a massive amount of attention from fans, so much so that his name is currently trending on Twitter. He has received over 60K Tweets. Scaramouche seems to have retained a similar outfit and demeanor as he shows off his evil side. Here are some reactions to Scaramouche's return:

Scaramouche definitely has one of Genshin Impact's largest fanbases. After this reveal, he will definitely be making more appearances in the new update. Therefore, players will want to stay tuned to see the new story involving this popular Harbinger.

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