Sea of Thieves season 7 guide: How to buy and name a ship in the new update

Naming a ship in Sea of Thieves (Image via Rare)
Naming a ship in Sea of Thieves (Image via Rare)

After a delay, the highly anticipated Season 7 of Sea of Thieves has finally been released by developers Rare. The exciting update has brought a plethora of changes to the action-adventure game that certainly refreshes the player's experience with the title. Players can finally get to become a Captain upon buying their own ships.


They will also be allowed to give the ship unique names, customize its appearance and more. Season 7 also brought new Seasonal rewards, new additions to the Emporium, and Sovereigns, among other gameplay changes. But the crowning moment for any Sea of Thieves player is the fact that they can now buy their own ship and give it a memorable name.

How can one buy a ship Sea of Thieves season 7

Rare announced way back during the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase, a part of the Summer Game Fest 2022, about the Captaincy addition to Sea of Thieves. Players will get to have their own ship by purchasing it, giving it a name, and then customizing it to better reflect their own identity.

Purchasing a ship (Image via Rare)
Purchasing a ship (Image via Rare)

After the new update, when players launch the game, they will notice the 'My Ships' tab in the main menu. Captained ships can be bought from here upon clicking 'Purchase Ship.'

Players can only buy one of each ship type at the beginning. Once the ship reaches Legendary status, another ship of that same type can be bought.

Various types of ships (Image via Rare)
Various types of ships (Image via Rare)

The cost of each type is as follows: Sloops (crew size 1-2) cost 250,000 gold, brigantines cost 375,000 gold (crew size 2-3), and galleons cost 500,000 gold (crew size 4). There are no added requirements to buying a ship and becoming a captain other than the required gold.

How to name the purchased ship

Once players have chosen a ship type, they will be given the option to name the ship to their liking and strike fear into the hearts of those who come across the vessel in the open seas.

Certain name requirements are also mentioned, which include:

  • 20 characters maximum.
  • Cannot contain any numbers.
  • Cannot start or end with a space.
  • Cannot use certain special characters.
Naming a ship (Image via Rare)
Naming a ship (Image via Rare)

Players must also keep in mind that once they lock in their ship name, the only way to change it or re-name their ship is by purchasing a Renaming Deed from the Pirate Emporium. This will cost real-life money to acquire and the Renaming Deed costs 499 Ancient Coins.

Once completed, players are now ready to unfurl their sails and set out into the treacherous waters of Sea of Thieves. Cosmetic damages done to Captained ships carries over sessions and players have the option to repair it by paying a nominal amount of gold.

Season 7 has introduced a slew of options for those who wish to further customize their Captained ships' appearance with trophies and trinkets for a more personal touch. Violent battles will also knock these cosmetics from their places and players will have to put them back.

Along with seasonal rewards and a pass filled with cosmetic goodies, the new season also brings a new progression system for players to engage in and Captain's Voyages to jump into. Rare has clearly done an excellent job with the latest update with Season 7 of Sea of Thieves.

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