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"She deserves support and care": Dream urges fans not to send hate to his ex-girlfriend

Dream recently opened up about his ex-girlfriend in a lengthy Twitlonger post
Dream recently opened up about his ex-girlfriend in a lengthy Twitlonger post
Modified 08 Jan 2021, 19:25 IST

Minecraft sensation Dream recently received praise online, after he urged fans not to send hate towards his ex-girlfriend, who suffers from borderline personality disorder and mental health issues.

The 21-year old Minecraft YouTuber recently took to Twitter to share a detailed Twitlonger post, where he delved into the details of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend:

After briefly touching upon the recent rumours of him getting doxxed, Dream recounted his relationship with his ex, who of late has been accused of bad-mouthing him and spreading rumours about him.

He reveals that she suffers from mental health issues and that despite everything she may say about him, he would never encourage people to hate on her.

In light of his heartfelt and mature statement, several fans soon took to Twitter to praise his selflessness.

Dream opens up on his relationship with his Ex-girlfriend


In a detailed Twitlonger post, Dream sheds light on his Ex-Girlfriend's struggles with mental health and the early years of their relationship.

He reveals that around three years ago, he got into a relationship with a girl who encouraged him to pursue his YouTube career and states that she was a loving and caring person with whom he had shared some good memories.

Speaking about her illnesses, he reveals that he tried his best to be a supportive boyfriend and help her through her illness, but to no avail, as she gradually began to become unstable:

"She suffers from borderline personality disorder , self-harm, and other issues and she did at the time, although she was on medication. After she stopped taking her medication, she became very unstable , she started to get abusive and she cheated on me on various occasions "

Despite having to deal with what he calls "one of the toughest time periods of his life", Dream reveals that he has always cared for her well-being and continues to do so.

He then goes on to address her recent spate of whimsical behaviour, where she has been levelling serious allegations against him.

Due to this, several people have begun to view him in a negative light, which he denounces as completely untrue. Rather, he explains her justification for spewing venom against him:

"She told me the reason she said these things is because friends she would meet would be fans of mine and she wanted them to like her for her , not because she was 'Dream's ex', so her intention on doing that was to make them hate me"

Dream then goes on to urge his fans not to send hate towards her as she doesn't deserve to be cancelled or harassed for things she has done in the past.

All he hopes for is to focus on getting her the help she needs, as he goes on to condemn any kind of negativity towards her.

The rest of his note touches upon various aspects, which range from rumours of a face reveal to alleged contract disputes, as he denies all of her claims, only to sum up his note with one final plea of understanding to his fans:

"I truly think that she is a victim here and I really don't support any hate towards her at all. She deserves support and care and to be helped by the people who care about her. "

In light of his recent heartfelt statement, Twitter was all praise for Dream, as they responded to his post with messages of support and admiration:


Considering the sensitivity of the topic and with mental health being of utmost importance in today's world, Dream has earned the praise of the online community, for standing up for his ex-girlfriend, despite all that he's been through.

Published 08 Jan 2021, 19:25 IST
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