Should fans anticipate possible delays for Starfield and God of War Ragnarok based on the lack of reveals so far?

God of War Ragnarok and Starfield are two major games set to be released in 2022 (Images via Bethesda, Sony)
God of War Ragnarok and Starfield are two major games set to be released in 2022 (Images via Bethesda, Sony)
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Starfield and God of War Ragnarok are perhaps the two biggest titles fans are waiting to be released in 2022. There's little similarity between the two in terms of genres, features, and age. But a curious parallel is that both will be exclusives on consoles, while Bethesdas' title will be available on PCs.

As huge as the hype over the two are, the lack of significant reveals could be a major problem.


It requires no rocket science to assume that the scale of work for both games is massive. God of War Ragnarok will be the continuation of the 2018 release that was a massive hit.

With next-gen consoles becoming mainstream, one can expect more developers' work. As for Starfield, Bethesda has dubbed it Skyrim in Space. It's a brand new IP which can always mean a lot of extra work. While there may not be a major cause for concern, the lack of showcases can create panic.

God of War Ragnarok and Starfield have revealed very few things so far

Santa Monica Studios will enjoy a bit of an advantage over Bethesda in the development of God of War Ragnarok. The upcoming game will continue on the same engine as the previous game. Continuation of game engines can have its benefits and cons, but it helps mitigate time constraints.


The game has revealed very few things so far. In a recent clip, Cory Barlong emphasized the work on the next God of War game. One thing that could worry fans is what Cory said about the development. He mentioned that the developers would share information with the fans once things had developed.

4 years ago, God of War (2018) released! We’re grateful to all of you who joined Kratos and Atreus on their journey, and we’re so proud of the team who worked to bring it to life. While we’re not ready to share an update about what comes next, here’s a quick message from Cory!

This could indicate that the game isn't ready to the extent that it could be termed close to launch. A few months are left before 2022 is over, with the year just entering May. However, no reveal so far could worry many fans over the game's current state.

Another chance of a delay is because Santa Monica Studios tends towards perfection. There has been no announced date, and it's unlikely that a delay to 2023 will be that big of a problem.


In comparison, Starfield looks to have a more specific road so far. It's scheduled for a release in November 2022 and has been in development longer than God of War Ragnarok. However, it also requires more time because it's a brand new IP. The game is also built on a brand new engine and has complexities.

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As far as the reveals are concerned, Starfield hasn't given fans too much. One would certainly have worried more about a delay if there wasn't an Xbox Bethesda showcase that would be held soon. If any game has the most anticipation for a showcase in the event, it must be Starfield.

As things stand, the space-exploration game seems more worked on than Kratos. However, Santa Monica Studios hasn't been informed about a delay so far, whereas Bethesda can say the same.


With several gaming events lined up in the summer, there's no rule that God of War Ragnarok won't be in one of them. PlayStation also conducts its State of Play events as it recently did with Hogwarts Legacy. Hence, making assumptions based on the reveal for Starfield and God of War Ragnarok can be premature.

However, there's no denying that fans could have been much more assured had more information been available. It remains to be seen how gamers will have to wait to get any information about either title.

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