How did Kratos make it to Midgard in God of War?

Kratos left Greece to start a new life in Midgard (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Kratos left Greece to start a new life in Midgard (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

God of War sees Kratos' new life with a son and hopes of peace in Midgard, instead of Greece.

Recently released on PC, new players get to experience Kratos later in life and might be curious as to why he relocated. After three games of hunting down the gods of Greece, Kratos was due for a change of scenery.


After the events of God of War 3, creative director of the franchise, Cory Barlog, confirmed that Kratos had moved to Midgard. The flood brought about the end of the world and it is said that he traveled through the realms via boat.

Kratos escaped to Midgard after the Greek flood in God of War 3


The end of the third God of War game sees Kratos sacrifice himself in front of Athena to put an end to his vengeful ways. The power within Kratos is then released into the world instead of given to the goddess.

The screen fades to black after Kratos lays, presumably dying, with a hole in his stomach from a sword. Once it fades back in, a trial of blood leads to a cliff and Kratos is nowhere to be found.

The cliff drops down into the waters caused by the great deluge and the last thing players see is the flooded Greek world and a mass of tornadoes. From there, we only have words of the storytellers to go by.

The different locations and realms are all connected and it seems like gods can travel across them with no issue. This strengthens the notion that Kratos simply rowed to Midgard.

God of War 2018 takes place over a century after the destruction of Olympus and the flood nearly destroying the world. Kratos traveled by boat until the flood started to disperse, deciding to settle down in Midgard.


This is where he meets his now deceased wife Faye and fosters a son named Atreus. The game provides many references to other cultures and mythologies, making it seem like the flood physically connected them even further.

Kratos and his son travel by boat throughout the game. This shows that Kratos is familiar with his surroundings and further cements how he arrived in Midgard.