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"Should I turn on face cam?": Sapnap teases a Dream face reveal 

Image via GeorgeNotFound
Image via GeorgeNotFound
Modified 13 Jan 2021, 00:02 IST

Dream has recently entered a close friendship with Sapnap and it is enough that Sapnap has been alluding that Dream will reveal his face soon.

YouTubers who stream similar games are known to collaborate in order to diversify and grow from other streamer's fanbases. Dream, who normally streams with GeorgeNotFound, Karl Jacobs, and other notable Minecraft streamers, has gone far enough with Sapnap to give him the ability to reveal Dream's face at a moment's notice.

Dream's network is growing, and with that comes the possibility that someone might mess up and accidentally reveal his face, like Corpse Husband almost did, and the measures that he puts into place to keep himself hidden should improve with time.

It would be unlike his friends, Karl or George, to reveal his face on purpose but accidents happen, and it wouldn't be fair to blame anyone for getting too complacent with the face hiding measures in place.

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Dream does not do face reveals, just like Corpse Husband H20 Delirious

Dream is known for not showing his face, much like H20 Delirious, and a face reveal would be the news of the day. H20 Delirious has done many videos where he agrees to reveal his face, only to trick users with a joke or a meme. Dream does not tease his viewers nearly as much as Delirious but there is no doubt that if he did, there would be a frenzy of fans watching and reposting the picture.

When the day does come that he does it on purpose or by accident, many Twitter users are ready to gush over the idea. Just the thought of this being teased has garnered a ton of support for the idea and jealousy for Sapnap.


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Published 13 Jan 2021, 00:02 IST
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