Should players Pack-A-Punch or buy perks first in Black Ops Cold War Zombies?

Getting a Pack-A-Punched weapon first can make Black Ops Cold War Zombies a lot smoother (Image Credit: Treyarch)
Getting a Pack-A-Punched weapon first can make Black Ops Cold War Zombies a lot smoother (Image Credit: Treyarch)
Daniel Wenerowicz

In Black Ops Cold War Zombies, both perks and Pack-A-Punch weapons are integral to getting to higher rounds but the latter may be what players should rush for.

There are a lot of different upgrades in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Players can get armor, perks, Pack-A-Punched weapons and so on. As points are more scarce early on, and the rounds only get harder, it's important to prioritize what gets upgraded first.

It may take a bit more effort but getting a Pack-A-Punched weapon first can make the game a lot smoother as players move forward.

Why players should Pack-A-Punch first in Black Ops Cold War

(Image Credit: Treyarch)
(Image Credit: Treyarch)

The only perk that would really be worth getting in the early game is Juggernog, especially if there is no power on. Juggernog is the most important perk to have and is one of the early perks on the Die Maschine map. It costs 2,500 points, which is half of what a Pack-A-Punch costs.

If players save their points right though, that extra 2,500 isn't hard to get for a 5,000 point Pack-A-Punch tier 1. Most of the points used in the early game will be for doors that need to be opened in order to reach the power and the Pack-A-Punch. It's fairly easy to get the Pack-A-Punch set up within the Aether before round 7 starts.

From there, players need to make a decision on whether to Pack-A-Punch or buy perks. In reality, Black Ops Cold War Zombies doesn't start to really pick up pace until near round 15. Zombies don't pose much of a threat for a while, and the armor that players can collect adds free protection from death.

Instead of instantly buying perks, players could buy something like the wall Gallo, and Pack-A-Punch that shotgun instead. Not only is it one of the best weapons to use in Zombies, but upgrading early will make taking out some of the mini-bosses far easier.

The mini-bosses and the later hordes of Zombies in Black Ops Cold War can easily become overwhelming. Perks don't necessarily help as much with killing Zombies. Rather, they are extensions to weapons or upgrades to stay alive.

If the focus is instead on having a high damage weapon that eviscerates trains and mini-bosses, players won't have to worry about survival anyway.

Of course, the goal is to eventually have every upgrade available. But in the early game, using the Pack-A-Punch is more valuable.

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