Top 5 Zombies moments so far in Black Ops Cold War

Image via Activision
Image via Activision
Brandon Moore

In the short time that Black Ops Cold War has been released, there have been some wild Zombies moments.

Zombies in Black Ops Cold War is the very reason some players even purchased the game. Streamers, content creators, and casual players have all taken to defeating the horde of the undead, making for some amazing moments. Zombies is back, and it is fantastic.

Top 5 Zombies moments so far in Black Ops Cold War

#5 - Black Ops Cold War is released


This isn't some funny moment or fail from a popular streamer. Instead, it is the moment that made this list possible. Black Ops Cold War was released on 13th November 2020. Zombies came with it.

Die Maschine, Dead Ops Arcade, and a cornucopia of Easter Eggs followed. A new Zombies mode is always welcome. Black Ops Cold War has delivered possibly the most amazing Zombies mode to date, and fans should be thankful.

#4 - Dancing Zombies


First discovered and shared on Reddit, the Dancing Zombies Easter Egg is hilarious. The moment it was found marks a vital part of Black Ops Cold War Zombies. It signaled that the fun and craziness of prior Zombies editions has returned.

This is one of the top moments so far since Black Ops Cold War Zombies went live. Seeing the coffin dance meme and several other Zombies just vibing to the music is just something the world needed.

#3 - World record Easter Egg speedrun


Several players have tried to break the world record for finishing the Black Ops Cold War Easter Egg. It has been set and then probably broken a dozen times since the game release.

A group of players managed to finish it in 19:46. The Easter Egg attempt saw them blaze through the obstacles and defeat the boss Zombie. The round count was only up to nine. That was the record as of 19th November 2020.

#2 - Another world record Easter Egg speedrun


Another group of players, as of 22nd November 2020, managed to beat the world record. Many gamers are basing their streams and content around completing a speedrun of this Easter Egg the quickest.

This group of Black Ops Cold War Zombies players did it an entire minute-plus less than the last group, clocking in at 18:34. Surely, this won't be the last time this record gets broken, but this feat is quite astonishing for now.

#1 - NoahJ's game crashes during world record round attempt


This is not a top moment that should be looked at as a positive moment. In fact, this incident is heartbreaking. It has certainly gained the most attention in terms of Black Ops Cold War Zombies moments, however.

Popular YouTuber NoahJ was attempting to reach the world record for the highest Zombies round count. He was flying solo and on quite the roll. Then, at round 208, his copy of Black Ops Cold War crashed. He wasn't discouraged, however, as he continues to grind Zombies and attempt the various records.

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