Sifu gameplay guide: How to spare bosses 

How to spare bosses in Sifu? (Image via Sloclap Studios)
How to spare bosses in Sifu? (Image via Sloclap Studios)

With Sloclap Studios’ latest title, Sifu, finally having its official launch yesterday, fans are curious about some of the in-game mechanics they can explore in the game.

One of the more popular questions that players have had so far is how they can spare bosses in the title and not outright kill them as the narrative progresses.

Boss fights in Sifu are no walk in the park, and while there are some players who have completed the game without taking a single hit, there are many who are having a bit of trouble with the more challenging encounters.

Sparing the bosses can lead to unique endgame experiences. Killing is not the only solution, and the five main bosses can be spared. However, for that to happen, players will need to up their parry game and work on perfecting the mechanic if they wish to unlock the endings that are otherwise restricted.

How to spare bosses in Sifu?

To successfully spare a boss in Sifu, players will first need to get them into the second damage phase and then work on breaking their Structure two times. After the first break, it’s essential to refrain from attacking the boss for some time, as that will eventually lead the protagonist to deal a fatal blow.

Players will be required to wait it out and then break the boss’ structure a second time, which will lead to a dialog option that will allow them to be spared.

While it sounds like an effortless thing to achieve on paper, that is most definitely not the case, as players will need to constantly make sure that they do not lower the boss' health below a particular threshold. This is where perfecting the parry mechanic comes in, as flawlessly deflecting the enemy attack will eventually lead them to break structure two times, without having to worry about accidentally “strong attacking” them to death.


Killing any of the bosses accidentally will not allow the player to achieve an alternate ending. After sparing all of them successfully, the alternate cutscene will play, and the Sifu trophy achievement of "Legendary Talismans of Wuxing" will be unlocked.

Sloclap Studios’ roguelike is now available on the PS4, PS5, and PC, and while there is yet to be an announcement on the multiplayer aspect of the game, fans are having a great time with everything that the single player has to offer.