"This is insane!": FaZe Clan announces Snoop Dogg joining their board of directors, fans pleasantly surprised

Snoop Dogg joins FaZe Clan as a Talent and a member of the board of directors (Image via FaZe Clan)
Snoop Dogg joins FaZe Clan as a Talent and a member of the board of directors (Image via FaZe Clan)

Today, legendary hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg was revealed to be FaZe Clan's newest member and member of the board of directors, leaving fans stunned and excited.

FaZe Clan teased the announcement on their official Twitter account, saying that fans won't want to miss their latest revelation. Many had their guesses as to what the announcement could be, with some guessing it could be a new member joining the ranks, while others joked that they were the new entry into the clan.

@FaZeClan faze has been so quite about the Metaverse and p2e I know it鈥檚 gonna be massive af
@FaZeClan New Member or Some type of partnership
@FaZeClan finally my announcement vid

However, no one expected the announcement that was to come, making the reveal all the more surprising. The news was announced by both Snoop and FaZe Clan on Twitter, sharing a short video to reveal the latest member "FaZe Snoop."

The video showcases past moments of the artist meeting with various members of FaZe Clan, as well as some clips from Snoop's streams on Twitch.

It's the one and only...INTRODUCING FAZE SNOOP@SnoopDogg | #FaZeUp

Fans react as Snoop Dogg joins FaZe clan

Many fans were shocked by the news, not expecting one of hip-hop's greatest legends to be the new member, let alone be on the board of directors. Many members of FaZe Clan welcomed the rap icon, with some being surprised by the news as well.

@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg Whattt??!?? This is insane 馃敟
@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg W!!! Welcome to the team 馃悙
@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg WHAAAAAT?? SO FKN SICK LETS GO 馃挏馃挏

Plenty of fans also shared their shocked reactions, with many excited that the legendary artist would be joining the ranks.

@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg Goat of Old School Rap and hip hop joins FaZe that is Big W and 馃敟
@SnoopDogg @FaZeClan I can鈥檛 believe 10 years ago I was watching faze clan on my iPod and now snoop dogg is in it

Many fans also shared jokes about Snoop, some bringing up his past experiences with streaming while one person recalled his appearance in the 2004 video game Def Jam Fight For NY. Notably, the West Coast rapper was the main antagonist in the hip-hop influenced fighting game.

@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg def jam fight for ny is where snoop truly peaked
@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg This content creator has some potential to be a rap legend and superstar one day. Keep working hard Snoop 馃挭馃徑
@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg can't wait for another stream of snoopdog just leaving the room and returning 10 hours later to realize he left the stream on
@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg I didn鈥檛 see his RC Challenge submission 鈥. Must鈥檝e been hella good 馃槀馃槀
@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg Snoop about to lift ALL of the CS trophies! 馃敟
@FaZeClan @SnoopDogg Snoop really out here completing every side quest

With fans overwhelmingly excited over the news, it's quite clear that this decision to bring Snoop Dogg on to FaZe Clan was a smashing success. Furthermore, the announcement video reached over seven-hundred thousand views within the first two hours of it being posted.

With yet another prominent figure joining FaZe Clan, it's no secret that the esports organization is growing in popularity, and with Snoop as a director, we can expect some crazy collaborations in the not too distant future.

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