"Put me the f**k down": Sodapoppin loses it at the hosts of the Chat Choice Awards

Sodapoppin went on a rant at the Chat Choice Awards (Image via SportsKeeda)
Sodapoppin went on a rant at the Chat Choice Awards (Image via SportsKeeda)
Vijith Nair

Thomas "Sodapoppin" Morris made an appearance at Twitch's Chat Choice Awards and lost it at the hosts during the 'Game of the Year' award announcement.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, Sodapoppin was virtually at the Twitch Chat Choice Awards via a video call. The show ventured into chaos, however, when the 'Game of the Year' category was being announced as Sodapoppin was clearly not a fan of the winner or the nominations.

Sodapoppin is unhappy with the Game of the Year winner at the Chat Choice Awards

Sodapoppin was recently on the Chat Choice Awards show hosted by Twitch. The show was being livestreamed on Twitch's own twitchgaming channel and Sodapoppin, who was the the guest, was streaming his point of view on his own channel. The concept of the Chat Choice Show, as the name suggests, was to let viewers decide who gets the award in each category.

The show descended into chaos when the 'Game of the Year' category was announced. The nominations in the category were Resident Evil Village, Metroid Dread, It Takes Two, Halo Infinite Multiplayer and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Resident Evil Village was the winner of the award as decided by the chat. Sodapoppin was clearly unhappy with the choices he saw and told the hosts of the show:

"All the games sucked."

This led to a hilarious couple of minutes at the event as the hosts and Sodapoppin started going at each other. The host of the show asked what Soda's problem was with the games in the category, and this resulted in an argument between them.

The incident was even funnier because Sodapoppin was not present in-person at the event. He was there virtually via a video call on an iPad as he streamed live from his house. The host of the show retorted, saying that he did not agree with Soda's take:

"I do disagree with you. Resident Evil was a great game."

Sodapoppin went berserk as it happened and started shouting aimlessly at the screen. He argued that God of War deserved to be the winner in the category, and the fact that it wasn't even nominated did not sit right with him.

Things got even funnier as the argument became heated, with one of the hosts picking up the stand with the iPad that had Sodapoppin's ongoing video call. She did that right after Sodapoppin asked her to "shut the f**k up". She then placed the stand with the iPad facing towards the curtain as a punishment for Sodapoppin losing his cool. This made matters even worse as Sodapoppin kept shouting:

"Put me the f**k down!"

The incident soon went viral and hit the LivestreamFails subreddit. Sodapoppin's community got to see him lose his cool in a hilarious series of events.

Discussions ensued between the comments about the show and the incident afterwards, with some fans thinking that the streamer was the highlight of the event.

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