"We're getting married": Sodapoppin says his relationship with VTuber Veibae is completely ironic

Sodapoppin says he and Veibae got rings "ironically" (Images via Twitter/Veibae, Twitch/Sodapoppin)
Sodapoppin says he and Veibae got rings "ironically" (Images via Twitter/Veibae, Twitch/Sodapoppin)

Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris' answer to a question regarding the rings on his finger has left viewers confused, to say the least.

The streamer admitted he and his girlfriend Veibae were set to get married, calling it "cringe" and explaining how their entire relationship is built on irony. As such, followers of Morris are puzzled as to whether the pair's relationship is real or a whole ruse.

"Yeah, we're getting married. It's really cringe."

Sodapoppin says he and Veibae bought rings "ironically"

The revelation was made known to Morris' viewers during his latest stream. A viewer donated along with a message, asking the following:

"So about that ring on your hand. Did she finally propose?"

Without missing a beat, Morris replied:

"Yeah, we're getting married. It's really cringe. I got these rings on Amazon for $20."

The streamer stayed silent for a while before breaking his silence to reveal several key details about his relationship.

"You understand, uh, (Veibae) and I have severe irony poisoning. Everything we do is ironic, like, we're not even dating, we're actually, just, like, ironically dating? Cause [indistinct]- it's irony, right?"
"Um and at one point, we're like, making fun of jewelry, and we're like, we're like, 'Let's ironically, like, just, browse rings,' and then we ironically found these really cheap, trash rings and we're like, 'Yeah, let's buy 'em, like, ironically,' and then we ironically bought them, and then, ironically, she was, like, 'You better not take it off,' I'm like, 'Ok, but ironically, I won't.' So we're just ironically-"

Morris immediately broke character, laughing at what he'd just said while slamming his desk.

He ended his story by saying it was "cringe," and then proceeded to shift his focus back to the League of Legends match he was queueing for in the background.

Viewers react to Sodapoppin's story about his relationship with Veibae

Needless to say, the story left many confused as to the nature of Morris' relationship with the VTuber. Several played along with his joke, while others attempted to counter-act his logic.

Sodapoppin and Veibae's relationship has been speculated upon for a while, considering their interactions on and off-stream in the past month or two. Morris attempted to squash any chatter around it recently by posing a question to his viewers on stream.

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