"Grind 20 hours of League together": Sodapoppin responds to queries on whether he's dating VTuber Veibae

Sodapoppin alludes to dating Veibae (Image via Twitch/Sodapoppin, Twitter/Veibae)
Sodapoppin alludes to dating Veibae (Image via Twitch/Sodapoppin, Twitter/Veibae)

Speculation surrounding the nature of the relationship between Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris and VTuber Veibae has seemingly been put to rest after Morris addressed the same.

During a recent stream of his, Morris received several donations on the topic of his alleged girlfriend, sparking his Twitch chat to begin talking about the same. He has seemingly decided to put the debate to rest. However, several still hold their reservations.

"They literally grind 20 hours of League (of Legends) together."

Sodapoppin alludes to the true nature of his relationship with Veibae

The conversation regarding Sodapoppin and Veibae's relationship perked up as the Twitch streamer was ready to play Buck Up and Drive!

After indirectly conversing with a Twitch donor, Morris took a look at his chat to see people discussing whether he was genuinely dating VTuber Veibae or not. He decided to quash the speculation then and there:

"So- so- they... they sleep together.. in a call. They literally grind 20 hours of League (of Legends) together. 'Gee, I wonder if they're dating.' Are you f**king r****ded?"

The dialogue was prompted by an indirect conversation with a viewer who had donated $10 to him.

They sent a message and their donation, stating they didn't know why they gave him money when he had a girlfriend. To this, Morris said,

"Having a girlfriend does not mean you cannot give me money.. but thank you. I very much need it and appreciate it."

Morris had not made any public, clear-cut statements regarding his relationship status. Later on, the same donor gave him another $10, with the following text:

"In that case..."

Morris thanked the viewer and followed up with a statement after a minute pause:

"God, you guys are actually so dumb. It's sad, it's whatever. Whatever."

Several Morris' Twitch chat members assumed he was referring to the donor, who had commented on the streamer having a girlfriend. However, those who thought so were soon to be proved wrong, as Morris read an insulting message about the donor and set the record straight.

Viewers of both Morris and Veibae have been curious about the nature of their relationship for quite a while, as the pair often play games off-stream together. The way they acted towards one another was seemingly another cause for questions to arise, such as when Veibae accidentally called Morris "babe."

Fans react to Sodapoppin's reveal of his relationship with Veibae

The reaction towards Morris' reveal was quite split, with some having trouble believing his words.

Regardless of whether audiences bought into Morris' statement, many seemed pleased at how much the streamer has seemingly been happier in recent times.