"The rap part, or?": Sodapoppin humorously complies with Veibae's request to sing Imagine Dragons

Veibae coerces Sodapoppin to sing Imagine Dragons' 'Misery' (Images via Twitch/Sodapoppin, Twitter/Veibae)
Veibae coerces Sodapoppin to sing Imagine Dragons' 'Misery' (Images via Twitch/Sodapoppin, Twitter/Veibae)

Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris' shenanigans with VTuber Veibae have again drawn laughter from their audience.

The two were spotted playing League of Legends together through a stream of their mutual friend. Viewers were able to catch Veibae prod Morris to sing an Imagine Dragons track. Sodapoppin eventually gave in and said:

"The rap part, or?"

Veibae asks Sodapoppin to sing different songs during League of Legends match

VTuber Veibae is known in Morris' community for forming a tight bond with the streamer in a short amount of time. While their stream antics were bizarrely entertaining for viewers, the audience quickly discovered the pair were the same off stream as well.

One clip that caught people's eyes was taken from a stream hosted by the duo's mutual friend, VTuber Kyokeru, who they met through VRChat. Robert "Roflgator" Malecki, another mutual friend, was also present.

At the start of the clip, Veibae can be heard asking Morris the following:

"Say some nice things now."

Morris began singing Christina Aguilera's Beautiful after a great pause, reciting the following lyrics:

"You're beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring me down."

The act had Veibae laughing almost immediately. After he finished, she had another special request for him:

"Oh my God.. 'Misery' next?"

Morris responded that he would play it, but she emphasized that she wanted him to sing it. After sighing heavily, Morris replied:

"The rap part, or?"

Veibae giggled, excited to hear what was to come. After an attempt to remember the lyrics, Sodapoppin began singing in an incredibly monotonous tone:

"Oh, the misery. Everybody wants a piece of me. Look out for yourself."

This time, Roflgator joined Veibae laughing at Morris' hilarious antics. Kyokeru's VTube model could be seen moving rapidly, alluding to how they may have also been laughing,

Viewers react to Sodapoppin's and Veibae's antics

Several people seemingly found it funny after the clip was posted to Livestream Fail. Speculation regarding the nature of their relationship was also discussed.

Veibae may have accidentally said "babe," prompting laughter from Sodapoppin

The nature of Veibae and Morris' relationship has been the talk of the town for quite some time, taking into account their sudden closeness. While the statement applies to friends of any gender identity, a particular clip of the pair raised several eyebrows.


Morris and Veibae played League of Legends with Roflgator when Veibae suddenly exclaimed something that sounded similar to "bae." She immediately toned her voice down, saying "f**k" before attempting to move on.

The action had Morris laughing almost immediately. Veibae perked up with a clarification:

"Vei... bae... saying my own name."

Her statement had Morris giggling even harder, with the awkwardness of her tone filling the call. Roflgator timely interjected, attempting to bring everyone's focus back to the match at hand.

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