Solo Leveling Arise Alicia Blanche release announcement and expected window

Alicia Blanche in Solo Leveling Arise
Alicia Blanche is an upcoming Hunter in Solo Leveling Arise. (Image via Netmarble)

The Solo Leveling Arise developer, Note of May has come forth with good news about the upcoming content, which includes the announcement of a new character, Alicia Blanche. It also revealed the addition of a new game mode, Battlefield of Chaos, and a new system, Gems. Additionally, 14 characters and two of Sung Jinwoo's weapons will receive buffs in the forthcoming update.

This article provides details about the upcoming character and its expected release date.

Expected release window of Alicia Blanche in Solo Leveling Arise


Netmarble has yet to announce the official details of the banners and Alicia Blanche's release date. However, they’ve mentioned that she will be released by the end of May, along with the Battlefield of Chaos and Gems feature in Solo Leveling Arise's next update.

Netmarble has only posted a video in the Developer Note revealing her Exclusive Weapon and kit. Her skills, abilities, banner, and other information will be released in future update details post as mentioned in the Developer Note.

It is possible that Alicia Blanche’s banner will arrive after the ongoing Radiant Battlefield Dance banner featuring Cha Hae-In and The Inextinguishable Flame featuring Emma Laurent ends. We can assume that she will be a featured SSR character in the Rate-Up banner after these banners end on May 29, 2024, at 12:00 UTC+0.

Who is Alicia Blanche in Solo Leveling Arise?

Like Emma Laurent, Alicia Blanche is an original character exclusive to Solo Leveling Arise. She is not part of the Solo Leveling anime and manhwa series. Also known as Ice Witch, she hails from France and is the hidden guild master of the Justitia Guild.

Fans can play the game featuring the story of this Water-type Hunter, which will take place in France. She strives to uncover the truth and fight an unknown enemy in the game’s lore.

Currently, there are four Water-type SR Hunters and one SSR. The arrival of Alicia will expand the roster of Water-type Hunters. She will be the best Hunter to fight against The Gatekeeper of Hell, Cerberus, in the Encore Missions game mode, where players farm for Gloves and Boots artifacts.

Per the pity system of Solo Leveling Arise Rate-Up banners, the drop rate of SSR items increases after 64 Draws, and players are guaranteed to get one within 80 summons. If players don’t obtain the featured character within 80 pulls, they are guaranteed to get it within the next 80.

Additionally, the pity of the ongoing Rate-Up banner will be transferred to the new banner. For instance, if players have already done 60 pulls in an ongoing banner, they will start from the exact pull count in the next banner.

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