Soul Hackers 2 story guide: All endings and how to achieve them

All endings in Soul Hackers 2 and how to achieve them (image via Soul Hackers 2)
All endings in Soul Hackers 2 and how to achieve them (image via Soul Hackers 2)

Like most Megaten entries, Atlus’ Soul Hackers 2 comes with multiple endings. The endings will depend on Ringo's decisions throughout the course of the narrative, and the path the story takes will heavily depend on the player's choices.

However, unlike a game like Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, which has around three endings, Soul Hackers 2 only has two: a good ending and a bad ending.

Ringo’s choices influence the two outcomes of the narrative, where the main plot sees the manifestation of Aion take on the Phantom Society, who are looking to steal covenants and bring an end to the world.

Spell sequence: Soul Hack.With humanity’s fate hanging in the balance, it is up to the Agents of Aion and their devil summoner allies to investigate the end of the world and save it from an imminent apocalypse. Soul Hackers 2 is now available!

At the end of the title, there will be two choices that players will be forced to make in the Bone Area of the 24th Ward Municipal tower.

Right after defeating the boss at the start of the area, players will be asked whether Ringo agrees with the choices that the character has made. Picking between "I do" and "I do not” will eventually go on to determine the ending that the Summoners get.

Today’s article will talk about the two endings in Soul Hackers 2, and which choice will lead to which outcome in the game.

A guide to achieving all endings in Soul Hackers 2

1) The good ending


To get the good ending, Ringo will have to pick the “I don’t” option, which will bestow upon her the Moonlight Keys. Then, she will need to pick the “I don’t” option in the next four interactions. This will eventually result in a final boss battle, which will be a bit tougher than what the other options would provide.

After beating the final boss, players will then get another pair of choices: "Let her go" and "Reach out to her." Picking the latter will lead to the good ending, where Soul Hackers 2 players will get to enjoy an extended cut science, which will show a more optimistic end to the narrative.

2) The bad ending


For the good ending, Ringo had to pick “I don’t” consecutively. However, picking the “I do” choice even once will automatically grant players the bad ending of the game.

The other way that players will be able to get the bad ending is right after the final boss fight, where players are given the choices of "Let her go" and "Reach out to her”. As mentioned, picking the latter will result in the good ending, however, the former will automatically proc the final bad ending cutscene.

The final cinematic of the bad ending does show some elements of hopefulness,. However, it is bleaker than what the good ending brings to the table.

While it is not exactly certain which of the two endings will be canon in Soul Hackers 2, perhaps Atlus will work on the narrative further in the upcoming DLCs and expansions.

Both Soul Hackers 2 endings are required to complete the trophy collection


For completionists, obtaining both endings is a requirement if they want to obtain every single trophy and achievement in the game. Fortunately, players will be able to save their data in Soul Hackers 2 and start a New Game+ and look to achieve the alternate ending.

The good ending will provide the "Paradise Lost" achievement, while the bad one will provide “Beyond the Infinite” achievement.

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