Squad Busters beginner's guide: Everything you need to know

Squad Busters (Image via Supercell)

Squad Busters is a dynamic game where the objective is to assemble a formidable squad and eliminate rival teams to secure gems. Players must collect the most gems within the allotted time or be the last one standing among 10 competitors. As the match progresses, the map shrinks, pushing one toward the center, where intense confrontations await.

With numerous chests scattered across the map, each containing valuable rewards, it's important to know the basics of Squad Busters.

Squad Busters beginner's guide

The main Squad Busters HUD serves as the central hub where players can monitor their squad's progress, missions, achievements, and more. It's imperative to thoroughly explore this interface to maximize rewards and accelerate progression, especially for free-to-play enthusiasts.

In the early stages, players start with one unit chosen from three random options. This initial decision sets the tone for the match, and players must choose wisely from the available options: Goblin, Hog Rider, and Chicken. Each one has different usage and damage potential.

Goblin is quite handy at providing extra coins in every match and deals 170 damage in the Baby form, while the Chicken has a Turbo Boot for enhanced mobility. In the Baby form, Chicken can deal up to 120 damage to the adversaries. In contrast, Baby Hog Rider inflicts 150 damage and possesses enhanced speed on the grassland.

Unit types and evolution

Dragon Chicken MEGA unit (Image via Supercell)
Dragon Chicken MEGA unit (Image via Supercell)

Understanding the nuances of unit types and their evolution is fundamental to success in Squad Busters. Each unit starts in its basic "baby" form, progressing to a "classic" form with enhanced abilities upon combining multiple units. Finally, units can reach their "super" form, boasting even greater power and capabilities.

Additionally, players may encounter rare MEGA Units, such as El Tigre, and Dragon Chicken. While these units offer enhanced strengths, they are quite scarce in the current meta.

Gem Pass and Spells

Rage Spell (Image via Supercell)
Rage Spell (Image via Supercell)

Players can enhance their experience through the Gem Pass, which operates similarly to monthly passes in other Supercell games. Players can progress in their Gem Pass by collecting gems throughout matches and unlocking various rewards.

Spells from the Supercell universe, such as the Heal, Rage, Cannon, and Log, can be collected during matches and strategically used to gain an advantage over adversaries.

Squad development and chests

Epic rarity chest (Image via Supercell)
Epic rarity chest (Image via Supercell)

Progression in Squad Busters hinges on collecting chests after each match. These chests contain characters and can be upgraded based on performance, offering a chance to unlock rare characters and improve squad composition.

Characters are categorized into common, rare, and epic rarities, each offering unique advantages and contributing to diverse squad compositions.

Squad Journey and modifiers

Beach World (Image via Supercell)
Beach World (Image via Supercell)

Squad Journey mirrors the trophy road systems in other Supercell games, rewarding players with new worlds, characters, and modifiers as they progress. Each world introduces fresh challenges and opportunities, along with modifiers that add unique twists to the gameplay.

These modifiers range from Loot Goblin Rush to Epic Overload, adding layers of complexity and excitement to matches.

Quests and additional resources

Baby Barbarian (Image via Supercell)
Baby Barbarian (Image via Supercell)

Quests are the challenges that players can access through Plaza. Completing all the quests for a single day provides EXP and additional rewards, including new characters within the game.

By using a few beginner tips in Squad Busters, players can unlock various avatars through progression. These avatars serve as a testament to one's achievements and milestones in the game, motivating them to strive for further success.

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