Steelrising Power build guide: The best weapons and stats for the early game

The best Powerbuild Build for Steelrising in the early game (Image via Steelrising)
The best Power build for Steelrising in the early game (Image via Steelrising)

Steelrising is Spiders’ very unique take on the Souls-like genre, where players get to enjoy the game as a clockwork automaton called Aegis.

Staying true to the souls-like formula, the RPG can be quite a daunting experience for beginners new to the genre. The enemies are quite relentless right off the bat, and from the very start of the game, fans can have a hard time having a more straightforward progression in the title.

The revolution has waited long enough. It's time to RISE to save Paris!Steelrising is now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.It will be available on Steam, Epic and GoG at 6pm CEST.

There are four main starting classes that players can opt into in Steelrising, each boasting a different gameplay mechanic that fits a particular playstyle. The most straightforward and beginner-friendly playstyle amongst them is the Power Build.

Exploring the best Power build for early game in Steelrising


Players looking for a more straightforward playstyle can go for the Power build in Steelrising. This build centers around maximizing Aegis’ physical output and going in for trades with enemies.

Weapons and class

For the Power build, players will be required to use heavy weapons, and to do so, they will need to opt into either the Bodyguard or the Soldier class when starting the game.

Weapons like the Gribeauval Halberd will be an incredible option for the build. It deals with a significant amount of physical damage and comes with a good deal of range. However, the Bodyguard class will receive a big mallet, which has a longer wind-up but deals the highest amount of physical damage in the early game.

The Soldier will be more versatile than the Bodyguard, as the former comes with a Ranged Attack as its special move. The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket that players receive early on in the game gets the job done rather well and is capable of making enemy encounters significantly easier in the early game.



Regarding stats, the Power build in Steelrising will depend heavily on Power, Vigour, and Durability. By leveling these stats, players will be able to maximize their damage potential in the game and rack up on health and resistance to be able to resist enemy attacks longer.

A higher vigor will be able to provide Aegis with more Endurance, which will give them the ability to dodge attacks longer while putting in more attacks.

The Power build mimics the Strength build from Soulsborne games and is one of the easier game styles to pull off in the RPG.


Players will be required to improve the armor value as much as possible to make the most of the Power build. As the playstyle requires one to trade DPS, making the most of the armor value will give players more durability and an easier time when progressing through the game.

Secondary stats for armor will depend more on what players prefer, as sustaining is the primary goal, and mitigating damage as much as possible is the main goal players need to opt into.

Module slots

For the module slots, players will need to focus on improving attack power, health, and Anima. Upgrading Anima, in particular, will let Aegis constantly keep up with her heavy attacks, while health and attack power module slot upgrades will make her tankier and sustain through the damage that enemies throw at her.

Here are some modules that players can opt into for Steelrising’s Power build:

  • Efficient Charging: Allows enhanced charged attack power
  • Longevity: Provides higher base HP
  • Avarice: Gives increased Anima gain

These are some of the best modules for Power build that players will need to invest in during Steelrising’s early game.


Alternate weapon loadouts and modules

For a more versatile playstyle, players can invest in the Flame Orb that will allow them to deal fire damage. Additionally, Wheel of Vengeance for parrying or Body of Work for strong blocking are alternate options that players can opt into early on to make their playstyle more versatile.

Steelrising players who like to dodge and attack a lot can use the Endurance module to receive a significant boost to their Endurance.

Flight or Flight modules are also something players will be able to opt into. But this is a bit more situational.

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